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Do I need to know anything about how to play poker or video poker to use your strategy!

You donít need to know anything about poker or video poker in order to make money with the Power Video Poker Strategy. The manual is set up in a step-by-step format and assumes that you know nothing about poker, video poker, gambling online, or any other aspects of the strategy. If you already know how to play video poker just skip over the chapters on how to play video poker.

How long will it take me to learn this strategy?

If you are familiar with using the Internet and have at least some knowledge of poker, you can be playing and winning online about an hour after you download the course. If you donít know a thing about using the Internet or playing video poker, you will want to study my examples and take a little more time before you start playing.

However, I have done everything to make learning this strategy super easy. There are lots of examples and even pocket-sized strategy cards you can print and refer to. Plus, Iíll show you how you can practice for free so that you wonít have to risk a single penny to learn how to win with this strategy.

How much money do I need to use the Power Video Poker Strategy?

There are lots of video poker machines offering 5-cent play. You can get started on one of these machines for just $10. For play on a 25 cent machine, I recommend that you have $50.

However, you can get by with even less invested. Just sign on with any of the dozens of online casinos I recommend with 100% or higher bonuses. When you deposit just $25, the casino will match it with $25 or more and you will be on your way to making high profits. Complete details on the bankroll requirements for all levels of play are given in the course.

How small are the minimum wagers in your strategy?

The smallest bets are one-cent wagers. I know this sounds crazy but you can get started making one penny wagers. And this is true in both land-based and online casinos.

I recommend that you start on nickel machines since you still only need $10 to get started.

Using my system, you will start with nickel machines and gradually move up to 25-cent and then dollar machines as your profits grow. This is safe, painless and very profitable!

How large are the largest bets in your strategy?

This is a hard one to answer because of the varieties of play possible with this strategy. Let me give you an example Ė

Playing on a 25-cent machine, you will play anywhere from 25 cents to $1.25 per play. The size of each bet is governed by the principles of Profit Directed Betting. This is the unique process I developed that automatically adjusts your wagers to how well the machine is paying off.

If you decide to try multi-line play, you can play three, five, ten, fifty or even one hundred times your normal rate. However, when you do this you wonít have to increase your bankroll by more than a fraction of the amount you would need to play this number of hands, one at a time.

In short, there is a level of play to match whatever your bankroll is. Even if you only have $2, you can get started on a one-cent machine.

What do I need to do to be able to play and win at video poker online using the Power Video Poker Strategy?

You will need a way to get online so that you can log on to online casinos. And you need the Power Video Poker course so that you will have a winning strategy. Add a notebook to keep records of your play, $50 start up capital, and you have everything you need to start playing and winning at online video poker.

Can U.S. players still play online? I heard something about new gambling laws restricting U.S. players

You are probably referring to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 signed into law in October 2006. This act primarily applies to U.S. banks and credit card companies. Some online casinos have stopped accepting U.S. players, but most still do. We give you complete information on how U.S. players can play without restriction in the Power Video Poker course, as well as naming casinos where U.S. players can play without any hassles or limitations.

How much can I really expect to make using the Power Video Poker Strategy?

How much you make depends on how fast you play, how long you play, and the size of your wagers. Online video poker is ideal for the Power Video Poker Strategy since the player pretty much controls the speed of the game, and it is easy to play faster games.

If you are fairly typical and are making 25 cent bets, then after playing a couple of days, you will be able to play fast enough online to make between $200 and $300 an hour. This is based on the experiences of my students, and I believe that this is a very accurate estimate of what you will make when you first start playing.

Over time, you will play a little faster, and you may play a little longer while making larger wagers. Letís assume you are making $1 wagers and playing three hours a day at the typical speed for an experienced player. Average winnings at this level are $897 an hour, so that three hours a day will net you $2,691 for a day's work. If you play five days a week, youíll make $13,455 weekly.

How well does this system work in real (land-based) casinos? I really need a strategy to use when I visit Las Vegas

The Power Video Poker Strategy is perfect for video poker games in Las Vegas. In fact, you can use this strategy wherever video poker is offered. This means you can play in the US in states from California to New York.

Since video poker is an international game, you will find games in the UK, Australia and many other countries.

The very best video poker games are found in Las Vegas. If you like to vacation in Vegas, you will find that using the Power Video Poker Strategy with my tips on how to get maximum casino comps will quickly put you in the position of having many offers to "pay for everything" from Las Vegas casinos.

How safe is it to play video poker online? I have heard about people getting cheated.

I have logged in thousands of hours of online play and I have never been defrauded. My students have spent thousands of hours more playing online and their experiences are positive. While there are some dishonest operators out there, you wonít find them in the list of prequalified casinos that comes with the Power Video Poker Strategy Course. You can confidently play in any of these casinos knowing that if you do have a question, you can reach them 24/7 by email or telephone. Whatís more, we have checked out every aspect of these casinos including playing and withdrawing winnings from them so that you can play in any of them with great confidence.

Does your system entail memorizing difficult playing strategies?

No. Unlike most video poker strategies which tend to feature long and difficult to master playing strategies, our playing strategies are very simple. I have developed one simple playing strategy for each of the major types of video poker

You can use just one playing strategy to play all versions of Jacks or Better video poker.

For the Deuces Wild versions of the game, there is another easy-to learn strategy.

And for the third version of video poker, Joker Wild, there is the third playing strategy.

Thatís it. The Power Video Poker Strategy is simple, easy to learn and very effective.

Do I have to have a good memory to use this strategy?

No. In fact, the Power Video Poker course comes with pocket-sized strategy cards that you can print. You can take this card with you when you play in a brick and mortar casino. For online play, just set the card next to your computer and use it as often as you wish.

The other aspect of winning using Power Video Poker is using a Betting Strategy. While these strategies are very easy to learn, once again you donít have to memorize anything. Just print the page of the manual with the Betting Strategy and refer to it as needed. Using this strategy to beat video poker is very easy, especially since you can refer to a pocket-sized strategy card and the manual page for the betting strategy.

How often does this strategy lose?

You will hardly ever lose a session when you use this strategy. One of the strongest components of this strategy is that it uses Profit Directed Betting. This is a trend following strategy that rapidly pulls you off a losing machine and helps you pull in high profits when the trend favors you.

In addition to using this trend following approach, the strategy uses a number of highly refined techniques to protect your profits. For instance, you will be able to lock up any winnings and yet continue to play a machine with no risk of losing back your profits. With the twin combo of keeping losses to a minimum and allowing your profits to build without fear of the casino taking them back, you will be able to pull high profits out of video poker with little fear of losing.

Is this strategy consistent? I bought a different strategy that never won enough to overcome its losses.

When you use the Power Video Poker Strategy, you will win very consistently. Your profits are mostly dependent on the size of your wagers ($1 bets win more than 25 cent bets) and the speed of your play.

It is because of its great consistency and reliability that I can give you estimates of how much you will make an hour with this strategy.

Do I have to memorize a bunch of rules to use this strategy?

No. I have made it very easy for you to use this strategy. The playing strategy for each version of video poker comes on a pocket-sized card you can take with you.

The betting strategy is summarized on a page in the manual. You can print it and take it with you as well.

Playing online is really easy. Just place the playing strategy card and the betting strategy page next to your computer and refer to them as often as you like.

Do you have a really simple strategy I could use to get started? I donít know a thing about playing video poker.

Winning with the Power Video Poker Strategy is based on using very simple playing and betting strategies. You donít have to know a thing about poker or video poker to win with this strategy.

When you first start playing, I recommend that you play in "practice mode" in an online casino. I will tell you exactly where to practice in a casino that doesnít required you to register or download anything. All you have to do is log on and start playing video poker in practice mode. This is a proven zero-cost way to master my video poker strategy very quickly.

Why does this strategy work better than other video poker strategies?

Most video poker strategies are strictly for long-term play. They advocate "full-coin play" where all bets are the maximum amount. To win, or so the theory goes, you must learn more and more complex playing strategies, trying to squeeze every penny of potential profit out of the game.

To win playing this way you must hit a Royal Flush. Since a Royal Flush only shows on the average once every 20,000 to 60,000 hands, at 800 plays an hour, you are talking about continuous play from 25 to 75 hours to hit a paycheck. This is the rate of play that pros calculate they need to hit a royal flush this often. If you play at the more moderate rate of 400 plays per hour, you can easily find yourself playing 150 hours between payoffs.

This method of play is the approach that all of the experts advocate. The only differences from one expertís strategy to anotherís is in how you play each hand.

I took a different approach in developing the Power Video Poker Strategy. It is a short-term winning strategy where you can win in 10 to 15 minutes of play instead of once every 25 to 150 hours.

I was able to accomplish this by turning conventional video poker strategy on its head. Instead of learning a very complex playing strategy, we use a simple one. Instead of mindlessly betting the same amount each play like the so-called experts recommend, we use a trend following approach that adjusts the size of our bets to match the machineís output.

As a result, when you use the Power Video Poker Strategy you will win very quickly, using a simple playing strategy and a much smaller bankroll than what most experts recommend. I know that you will really enjoy playing and winning my way.

Does this strategy work with all versions of video poker?

The answer is "yes." However, if you play the better versions of video poker, you will win larger amounts more quickly.

There is no question that the best versions of video poker are found in North Las Vegas. This area isnít on the Las Vegas Strip where most tourists go, but out in the suburbs where locals play.

If you play according to conventional video poker strategy, you are almost forced to play on one of these higher payback machines to have a chance to win.

With the Power Video Poker Strategy you will have slightly higher winnings when you play on the higher payback machines. However, you donít have to limit your play to only these machines Ė

Our play on hundreds of different versions of video poker proves that you can use the Power Video Poker Strategy and win on just about every version of video poker.

To help you find the best versions of video poker, we furnish you with pocket-sized cards showing the best payback schedules for each version of video poker. If you can find these games, you will have a little higher edge. But, if you can't you can still play and win. The Power Video Pokerís Profit Directed Betting Approach is so strong that you will be able to win on just about every version of video poker.

You mention "online software?" Do I have to be a technical type to use this system?

You donít have to know anything about video poker software. We have done all of the "heavy lifting" in analyzing how to play and defeat many different versions of video poker. The key to the success of our approach is knowing how the underlying software works, but you donít have to know a thing in order to play and win.

The Power Video Poker Strategy Course is set up in the form of a manual with a specific section devoted to each of the major versions of video poker. Each optimized playing strategy is matched to a particular version of the game.

In addition, you have a section revealing proven betting strategies which follow the Profit Directed Betting approach.

To play is very easy. Just print out the playing strategy for the game version you are playing (for example, Jacks or Better) and the recommended betting strategy. Now, all you have to do is refer to this information whenever you need to.

By the way, you wonít have any problem taking your strategy cards with you when you play in a brick and mortar casino.

Why is this strategy better for playing video poker better than other strategies?

The major difference between using the Power Video Poker Strategy and other strategies lies in ease of use and how long you have to play.

Conventional video poker strategies use very complex playing strategies. In addition, they are geared strictly to long-term play. And, they require using large bankrolls. For instance, if you want to play video poker full time, using a conventional strategy, you will need a bankroll of from $25,000 to $50,000 and $100,000 is even better.

The Power Video Poker Strategy is a short-term winning strategy. It is built around "hit and run" principles and generates quick winnings. Furthermore, it uses a simple playing strategy since it is not worthwhile to learn a complex playing strategy for hit and run play. Finally, the bankroll requirements to be successful with the Power Video Poker Strategy are very low. I recommend that you have $100 to get started. Thatís it. With the strategyís fast winnings you will rapidly build your bankroll out of video poker winnings.

How hard is it to find online casinos where I can use the Power Video Poker Strategy and win?

If you had to start from scratch like I did, it would take you quite some time to assemble a list of reliable online casinos offering the best versions of video poker.

Fortunately, we have done all the work. As part of the course you will get the names and Internet addresses of 145 prequalified casinos. Finding a casino where you can play and win has never been easier.

In addition, I will give you the names of the Top Five Online casinos and share with you exclusive insidersí information on our Number One pick. This casino has the best video poker games, the best support, accepts nearly all players (including those from the US) and even allows no download practice play.

With all of the information that comes with the Power Video Poker course you will easily be able to sign on to the best online casinos and quickly and easily win large amounts, safely and reliably.

How do I know that your claims about the Power Video Poker Strategy are real?

If you havenít done so, you should read some of the success stories of people much like you who are using the Power Video Poker Strategy successfully.

Some of these players are men, some are women. They are of varied ages. Some are retired, others are barely starting their careers. Some were experienced poker or video poker players before they starting using the Power Video Poker Straetegy; most were not.

What they have in common is that regardless of their age, sex, experience or lack of experience, they use the Power Video Poker Strategy to bring in profits on a consistent basis.

As a practical person, I think the experiences of these other players is probably the best predictor of how you will do with the strategy.

If you are interested in the theory behind the strategy, youíll get that too in the course.  If you are still very skeptical,  I am offering a 100% No-Nonsense Guarantee. If, even with this guarantee, you are still fearful of losing money, I will show you how to play for free in practice mode. This way, you can totally assure yourself that this strategy is real and performs just the way I have shared with you before you risk one penny.

Why are you selling this system? Why not just keep it for yourself?

When I first starting doing the testing and research that ultimately resulted in the development of the Power Video Poker Strategy, selling a system was the last thing on my mind.

But, itís funny how one thing leads to another, often with unforeseen consequences.

Because of my failures in achieving consistent profits playing video poker, I had to change my tactics. This started with meeting Ron J. when I was in Las Vegas. Ron didnít play video poker like anyone I had ever seen, yet he was obviously making a lot of money playing video poker.

Ron shared the core of his system with me. Surprisingly, it was based on varying the size of his bets rather than seeking to play perfect playing strategy.

I tested Ronís approach and came up with a number of improvements.

Eventually I ended up working with a number of people to develop and perfect this strategy. I taught this strategy to a group of my associates. I found that not only was the feedback and insights from others invaluable to me, but that I enjoyed working together with a group of people sharing common goals.

Finally, after the strategy had been perfected, I decided to share it with a few hundred more people. With over 3,000 online casinos and millions of online gamblers, as well as 30,000 to 40,000 video poker machines worldwide, I knew that sharing this knowledge with a few more carefully selected people would not hurt our chances of winning.

So, in offering you a chance to join our group of highly successful video poker players, I believe that we are both participating in a win-win situation. I have the chance to share my strategy with a few more deserving persons, and you have the opportunity to learn a high profit virtually foolproof way to make a lot of money.

Will I be banned from playing video poker if I use your strategy?

To date, none of my players nor I have been banned from playing because we were winning.

In fact, the more you play the better you will be treated by the casinos no matter how much you are winning.

Let me explain this Ė

When you play in brick and mortar casinos you will want to join the casinoís slot club and always use your playerís card when you play. Most casinos offer substantial cash rewards based on the amount of your play, not whether you win or lose.

In other words, you can play and win as much as you can and the casinos will still reward you will cash bonuses. If you give one of two casinos most of your play, they will probably start inviting you for "free vacations" compliments of the casino. I will show you how to jump on this bonanza.

With the online casinos, the name of the game is bonuses. That is why several of the bonus manuals that come with the Power Video Poker Strategy deal with how to get and keep online bonuses.

Here it pays to be knowledgeable about the bonuses available. Thatís why I give you the names, as well as lots of specific information, on 145 online casinos paying top notch bonuses.

How does your guarantee work?

My guarantee is designed to completely protect you and give you a chance to try out the Power Video Poker Strategy on a risk-free basis.

Hereís how this works Ė

You order the course online and download it as soon as your order is approved. Now you can examine the course at your leisure.

You can read it and try it out. I suggest you try it in "practice mode" so that you can see how it performs without risking any money.  In fact, you can test and use the strategy any way you like.

You can use it to win at video poker in online casinos.

You can win at video poker in land-based casinos. In Las Vegas. Or, Atlantic City. Or, in any of the Native American casinos.

You can play and win in the video poker games on cruise ships.

Now, hereís the really good part. If you are unhappy with the Power Video Poker Strategy Course for any reason, just send me an email and I will refund your purchase price. And, I will do it quickly and courteously.

But, there is even more to my Guarantee. Not only do you get a full year to use and profit from this strategy, I also guarantee that you must win at least $10,000 or you owe me nothing.

No other system, strategy, business opportunity or poker system comes with a guarantee this strong.

There is one reason I can offer a guarantee this strong to you. I am very confident that once you try the Power Video Poker Strategy and experience winning $1,000, $2,000 or even more a day, you wouldnít sell me the course back at ten times the price paid for it!

What do I do if I order this strategy and I donít like it?

If you order the strategy and for any reason you donít like it, just email me for a prompt and courteous refund.

How do I get started if I donít have any money?

One of the things that my students like the best about the Power Video Poker Strategy is the ability to start playing with almost no money and rapidly grow a bankroll out of their profits.

You can start playing online with just $25 and be assured that in a very short time period, you will have built up profits of over $1,000. Now that you are playing with casino winnings, you can easily increase the size of your wagers so that your winnings grow even faster.

By gradually increasing the size of your wagers as your winnings grow, you can quickly and easily move to the level of play where you are making $1,000 an hour.

How much can I win with your strategy?

My associates and I have proven that you can make a lot of money with the Power Video Poker Strategy.

How much you make depends on how often you play, how fast you play and your level of play. Simply stated, if you put in more time, you will make more than someone who spends less time playing. Likewise, if you are a faster player, you will play more rounds of blackjack per hour and have a higher win rate. And, larger betting will get you larger profits for the same effort.

Letís assume that you like to play on quarter machines, playing at a typical rate of speed in online casinos.

If you play ten hours a week, you should average net winnings (profits) of $2,000 to $3,000.

On a yearly basis, you would be bringing in about $125,000 (for 50 weeks play).

If you decided to put in 25 hours a week at this same betting level, you would bring in $6,250 a week with yearly profits of $312,500.

And, if this level of profits is not enough, all you have to do is move your betting up a notch and play on $1 machines. Now you will bring in average winnings of about $897 an hour. Play 10 hours a week and this works out to $448,500 a year. If you havenít been excited before, I am sure these numbers will get your attention!

How fast can I multiply my profits?

You can multiply your profits very quickly using the Power Video Poker Strategy.

Many of my students started playing on nickel machines and in about a month moved up to playing on quarter machines. They accomplished this very easily by allowing their profits to grow their bankroll and then increasing their betting levels as their profits piled up.

Using this same approach, you can grow from wagering nickels to playing on 25-cent machines in less than a month, and then in the second month move up to making $1 wagers. This is probably as high as you need to go as you can win almost $900 an hour at this level of play.

Is it really possible to quit work and play your system professionally?

Yes. Not only is it possible, but it is a very feasible option. Several of my students have quit their jobs and now play video poker exclusively. The benefits of playing online are so great that they couldnít resist the chance to drop the drudgery of a job for the freedom of playing online just a few hours a week and bringing in much more than they ever made at their former jobs.

Just as an aside, several of these players tried playing conventional poker first and then switched to video poker because the profits are so much higher and more consistent.

I am not a gambler and I havenít had much luck with business opportunities. Why should I try the Power Video Poker Strategy?

If you want an easy and very reliable way to make money from your own home, you wonít find a better opportunity than using the Power Video Poker Strategy.

The benefits of going this way are numerous Ė

  • You can get started with almost no investment.

  • Everything you need to know comes in a complete manual you can download instantly.

  • The course is complete right down to listing the casinos where you will play and win (we give you the names of 145 prequalified casinos).

  • You can try the strategy risk free and even play online in practice mode.

  • The course comes with a complete "No Nonsense Guarantee."

  • The Power Video Poker Strategy has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a consistent and very profitable strategy.

I am nervous about playing in an online casino. What guidance do you provide?

The Power Video Poker course is very thorough and will give you complete step-by-step guidance to playing online. Youíll learn Ė

  • The minimum specifications for the computer you use for online play.

  • The type of Internet Connection to use.

  • Complete information about how to get starting playing online, including how to download and install software, information on playing blackjack online and detailed information on picking an online casino.

  • How to cope with restrictions on U.S. players because of recent anti-gambling legislation.

  • The different deposit and payment options and which online banking company is ranked head and shoulders above all of the others.

  • What to do if you ever have a complaint or problem.

The complete Power Video Poker Strategy is set up in an easy-to-use format so that you can easily print out parts of the manual and refer to them as you play online.

You will know exactly which casinos to play in online as we give you a list of 145 prequalified casinos where you can play and win.

On top of everything else, we give you the exact steps where you can try out this strategy with no money risked.

And, if for any reason you are not 100% delighted with this course, you have my unprecedented Guarantee of your complete satisfaction, backed by the certainty of a complete refund anytime you decide to ask for one.

What I really want is a winning video poker strategy I can use on vacations. Will the Power Video Poker Strategy work for this use?

The Power Video Poker Strategy is an excellent strategy for use on vacations.

You will want to read the bonus guide The Complete Guide to Video Poker in Land-Based Casinos. Here you will get the names, locations and the number of video poker machines in the casino for 610 casinos containing 17,205 video poker machines. This guide covers the United States as well as Canada.

I am impressed with what I read. What will I have to do to make at least $5,000 a week, so that I can quit my job?

It is surprisingly easy to make $5,000 a week using the Power Video Poker Strategy.

The easiest way to do this is to play video poker online from the comfort of your home. Playing on 25 cent machines after just of few hours practice, you will be able to play fast enough to make an average $243 an hour playing online.

If you prefer to play in land-based casinos, you can do so. However, your average hourly winnings will be less at the same level of play than in online casinos, as the land-based games are slower.

Just so you are clear on the amount Ė it comes from the results of thousands of games played online and is net of all losses. Thus it represents the net amount that an average player, playing on a machine accepting 25 cent wagers, should expect to average per hour, once he is up to speed playing online.

Now that we have an hourly win rate to work with, it is easy to divide your weekly profit goal by your hourly win rate and determine just how long you will have to play, on the average, to make $5,000 in net profits per week.

Doing this calculation, we have Ė $5000 / $243 an hour = 20.6 hours. Letís allow for quite a bit of inefficiency and round this up to 21 hours. If you are willing to spend 21 hours a week devoted to playing video poker online, our experience shows that you will average making $5,000 a week.

If you want to make more, you move up to multi-line play and play multiple games at the same time. We have a very effective strategy for doing this. If you play on a five-line machine you can easily make $402 an hour. Now, we have $5000/$402 an hour = 12.44 hours, rounded up to 13 hours. By moving up to multi-line play you have cut your weekly playing time from 21 to just 13 hours.

You have other options as well. You could stay with a single-line machine and move up to making $1 bets. Or you could continue playing on a machine accepting 25 cent bets and move up to 10 or even 50-line play.

These are pleasant decisions you can make. But, donít forget, no matter which way you choose, you can meet your original objective of making $5,000 a week!

How much are your students making with this strategy? Please, no hype, just facts.

To answer your question, I reviewed some of my files filled with comments and stories from my students using the Power Video Poker Strategy Ė

Don T. from Elgin, Illinois, cleared $10,000 in his first month of play and made $28,000 in his second month.

Frank D. lives in San Diego, California. In his own words , "I am playing video poker online in your ĎNumber One Pickí casino and easily making $1,000 a day."

Phil D. resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and loves to play in the local Native American casinos. He makes $2,000 in profits each weekend he plays video poker using our strategy.

Mark W. from Omaha, Nebraska, makes from $1,400 to $1,500 a day playing video poker and using the Power Video Poker Strategy.

Mike S. from Michigan City, Indiana, makes $500 to $750 a day playing in local casinos. He also plays video poker online and makes $1,200 to $1,500 a day playing online.

Brian L. moved from California to Las Vegas, Nevada. He likes to play video poker in the afternoon and makes $2,000 a day. He calls the Power Video Poker Strategy "priceless."

Lester C. lives in Pasadena, California. He loves going to Las Vegas and is delighted with his winnings using the Power Video Poker Strategy. In his words Ė "My last trip to Vegas was my most profitable yet Ė I brought home over $8,000 in winnings from video poker."

Gary L. from Shreveport, Louisiana, just quit his job and now plays video poker in local casinos. Last month he cleared $32,500. He is confident he will be able to make $40,000 a month as a professional player.

I could go on and on. I suggest you read some of the stories from my students on this web site.

Why is your system better than other systems available?

The Power Video Poker Strategy produces consistent profits and is easy to learn and use. This fact alone separates it from other systems out there.

The reason the Power Video Poker Strategy performs so much better than other strategies is that it uses a different approach to playing video poker. While other strategies focus on "long-term" play, the Power Video Poker Strategy is designed to develop quick wins.

When you use this strategy, your wins will come quickly Ė usually in just 10 to 15 minutes of play.

Here are the main benefits of using the Power Video Poker Strategy Ė

  • It wins quickly and consistently.

  • It is easy to learn.

  • The course is set up so that even beginners will have no trouble learning the strategy.

  • It comes with all kinds of aids, including pocket-sized strategy cards that you can carry with you.

  • It is guaranteed to perform and comes with an unprecedented "Full One-Year $10,000 Performance Guarantee.

There are several video poker books in my local bookstore. Some of them sell for only $12 to $14. Why is yours so expensive?

I have many video poker books on my bookshelf. Many of them are quite entertaining, especially the ones detailing the exploits of the author and his associates playing video poker in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Many of these books teach elaborate playing strategies, which can take months of daily practice to master.

A few of these books offer the authorís pet strategy variations or tips on his favorite places to play. If you are interested in video poker, as I am, I suggest that you buy a number of these books. As a minimum youíll find some interesting video poker stories. What you wonít find, however, is a viable winning video poker strategy that is easy to learn and use and is consistently profitable like the Power Video Poker Strategy.

When you are tired of being entertained and are ready to start making some real money off video poker, just set the bookstore books aside and start reading the Power Video Poker Strategy. Youíll quickly discover why one of my students said Ė

"This is truly the thinking personís way to make money. It is quick, slick and foolproof. I give it a 100% recommendation!!!"

How do I know that your strategy is any better than some of the free video poker systems available online?

You donít know that my strategy is any better than one of the free strategies unless you try them and compare the results. That is just what I suggest you do. Pick one, two, or even three or more other video poker strategies. Try them in the practice mode in an online casino so that you donít risk any real money. Youíll quickly discover whether the strategies are any good. And, donít forget to write down the results of your practice play.

Now order the Power Video Poker Strategy and try it in practice mode. Compare the results. I will be totally surprised if you donít immediately see why my strategy is far superior to anything else out there. All you have to do is compare the profits you will make with the Power Video Poker Strategy and the losses you will undoubtedly have with the Brand X strategies. Then, if for any reason you arenít convinced that the Power Video Poker Strategy is more reliable and much more profitable than the other strategies, just email me and ask for a refund.

But, I am willing to wager that once you have the Power Video Poker Strategy in your hands and see how much you can make using it, you will realize that this strategy would be a bargain even if I charged ten times as much for it.

I have bought several gambling books over the years. Why should I buy yours too?

Let me answer your question by asking a question. Are you making high profits with one of the strategies you learned from these books?

If you are, then perhaps you donít need my strategy. I probably have more gambling books in my library than anyone I know, and I am very familiar with just about every blackjack system, poker strategy or video poker strategy ever published. I donít know of a single strategy that will out perform the Power Video Poker Strategy. If you have found one, then by all means stick with it. However, if you are not making high profits consistently using one of these other gambling strategies, then maybe you should consider taking a look at my strategy.

Since you can do it on a risk-free basis, all you really risk is a little time. And, if I am right and this strategy performs the way I have told you, then you will gain a lifetime source of high profits for very little additional effort



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