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I am going to share the Power Video Poker Strategy with a few more people. I hope you can join my group of highly satisfied students. Here are a few of their stories.

I look forward to adding your success story as another person using the extraordinary power of this perfected  strategy to make $500, $1,000, even $2,000 a day as long as you choose! 


"Your Power Video Poker course is outstanding. Two months ago I started using your strategy and it is the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

"I cleared over $10,000 the first month and I am closing in on $28,000 this month.

"This is much better than playing poker."
Don T. – Elgin, Illinois

"Forget trying to win at poker. My profits have convinced me that your video poker approach is better than any poker strategy ever created.

"I am playing video poker online in your ‘Number One Pick’ casino and easily making $1,000 a day.

"Your methods are quick and reliable. In a word, they work."
Frank D. – San Diego, California

"I used to play slot machines. Even though I didn’t want to admit it, I was a consistent loser.

"I changed from slot machines to video poker using your strategy. This is the best thing I ever did.

"Playing video poker is not only more fun than slots, with your methods it is very profitable.

"I can easily make $2,000 in profits a week-end now playing video poker. Thanks for a great system."
Phil F. – Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Power Video Poker is simply a great strategy. I like to play video poker machines in Las Vegas. Thanks to you I am doing really well.

"I have been playing video poker about three years. I never made any money at it until I started using your approach. You are right about the other video poker experts – they really don’t know what they are doing.

"Thanks for putting me on the right track. With your methods I am able to make a good living playing video poker a few hours a week."
Scott V. – Peoria, Arizona

"This is the first time I have made any real money off of my computer. I have been buying and trying online opportunities for years and nothing ever worked.

"Your system for making money playing video poker online is really strong. Plus, I am picking up at least $200 a day more from online casino cash bonuses.

"Power Video Poker is the number one money system in my book. Also, I appreciate your email support.

"Thought you might like to know – I am easily making $1,400 to $1,500 a day. I am totally thrilled."
Mark W. – Omaha, Nebraska

"I am retired. I lost my wife last year and things have been pretty tough on me. At one time I had just about lost interest in everything.

"Playing video poker has given me a whole new lease on life. I just signed up for my third cruise – all paid for with my video poker winnings.

"They say that money can’t buy happiness, but making money and having fun at the same time sure beats being depressed.

"I congratulate you on your remarkable accomplishment. Your video poker strategy has been a true God send."
Larry R. – Bridgeport, Connecticut

"I never thought I would be playing video poker. I always thought it was just another slot machine game.

"I am glad you revealed the truth about this game. Playing video poker is very profitable. I easily make $500 to $750 a day in casinos. When I play online, I make $1,200 to $1,500 a day.

"I have been a poker player for years. My advice to others – Quit trying to make money off poker and switch to video poker. And, use Fletcher’s video poker strategy. It is a money maker!"
Mike S. – Michigan City, Indiana

"I have been looking for a business for a long time. I have tried setting up a mail order business as well as being an associate for several online businesses. Sadly, I never made any real money doing these things even though I spent a lot of time and money on them.

"I had gotten really frustrated. It is no fun to spend years trying to set up a money-making business only to face failure after failure.

"A friend of mine suggested that I try your video poker system. Needless to say, I was very skeptical but decided to give it a try because you promised that it would be low risk.

"I am writing to tell you that I am delighted with my success at video poker. I prefer playing online because it is very fast and very convenient. My schedule is to play a total of three to four hours a day. This is all I need to make over $4,000 a day.

"I am so glad that I put my skepticism aside and tried your methods. They really work!"
Andrew H. – Elizabeth, New Jersey

"I am using your Power Video Poker system with great success. You did such a good job of explaining everything that even though I didn’t know anything about video poker I have been able to easily learn your strategy.

"I just moved from California to Las Vegas. My main reason for moving was because of the quality of the video poker offered there.

"I now play video poker in the Santa Fe Station most afternoons and I easily make $2,000 a day.

"Thanks for sharing this knowledge with me. It is really priceless."
Brian L. – Las Vegas, Nevada

"I am writing to let you know that the Power Video Poker Strategy is working very well for me.

"It is obvious that you spent a lot of time developing this system and it is very effective. It has made me a real believer in using ‘profit directed betting’ and your simplified playing strategy.

"There is no question that your video poker strategy is the best way to make money I have ever seen. I am making over $20,000 a month playing just a few hours a week."
Jim S. – Biloxi, Mississippi

"I really love going to Las Vegas. Before I got our Power Video Poker course I was limited to visiting once or twice a year. I couldn’t afford any more.

"Now I am taking week-long Las Vegas trips every other month. The best part is that using the tricks you showed me I have gotten the casinos to pay for everything.

"I saved the best part for last. Besides traveling for free and getting rooms, meals and beverages comped by the casinos, I am making a ton of money off video poker.

"My last trip to Vegas was my most profitable one yet – I brought home over $8,000 in winnings from video poker.

"Any one who truly loves to gamble and wants to turn it into a money-making experience has got to try your video poker course. There is nothing else like it."
Lester C. – Pasadena, California

"I just quit my job. Unlike some people who hate what they do, I liked my job. It’s just that playing video poker is much more profitable and enjoyable.

"I got your Power Video Poker course three months ago. The first month, even though I was still learning and practicing, I made $14,000. The second month I sort of stepped up to the plate and pulled in $27,000.

"Last month I cleared $32,500. That’s when I decided that my regular job was costing me too much money (ha, ha).

"My target is to make $40,000 a month. Based on my experiences with your strategy I am confident I will do this."
Gary L. – Shreveport, Louisiana

"I have played video poker for over ten years. I have read all of the experts’ books and I have three different types of video poker software.

"However, the best move I ever made was to take up your ‘hit and run’ style of play. This is the first time in all of these years of playing video poker that I have made any money from the game.

"The best part of your approach is that it creates winnings quickly on a minimum investment. Besides that it is much more fun to play your style.

"I will recommend the Power Video Poker Strategy to anyone who wants to win at video poker. It is by far the superior system."
Alan C. – Reno, Nevada

"I am a poker player. I have played poker for over twenty years. And, I am pretty good at it.

"However, the sad truth of being a good poker player is that it is still very difficult to make money consistently.

"For years I have dreamed of making a living playing poker. Last year I took up online poker since it is much more convenient to play poker from your home computer. Unfortunately, it is a slow grind to make much money playing poker online. Honestly, playing poker for a living is probably harder than working a regular job.

"Six months ago a friend told me about your project and I was able to ‘sign on’ to help you complete testing of your strategy. I am certainly glad I did. Playing video poker using the Power Video Poker Strategy is far more profitable than playing regular poker.

"For me the decision was easy - If you want long hours with low pay and lots of frustration, play poker. If you want quick winnings that are both high and consistent, play video poker using your strategy."
Mac M. – Dallas, Texas

"Power Video Poker is a good strategy. I started playing online with $100 and in the first week I made over $3,000. Now, with a bigger bankroll, I am easily making $1,100 to $1,200 a day playing online.

"My hourly pay works out to about $400 an hour. I have nothing but praise for this system. My only regret is that I wish I had known about it sooner."
Nancy C. – Golden, Colorado

"I thought you might like to know that your system works well on our pokies as well. I live in Sydney and play video poker at least two times a week.

"I am making over $600 a week. Can’t complain about that."
Dennis M. – Sydney, Australia

"I have traded stocks for years and done okay. If you would have asked me if I wanted to learn to play and win at video poker, I would have said ‘no thanks.’

"Out of curiosity, since you are also a trader, I decided to try your video poker strategy. As soon as I started reading it, I recognized that you had borrowed solid trading concepts and put them to use playing video poker.

"I must say that you have done a first rate job. I have been using your system for over a month now and I am up over $38,000. Truthfully, this is a much better strategy than any of the stock trading systems I have tried.

"Thanks for developing such a great system. My only regret is that I didn’t think of it."
Irv C. – New York, New York

"I have set up a new business, but I am not telling anyone other than my girlfriend what it is. They wouldn’t believe me if I told them that I am a full time video poker player.

"I got your Power Video Poker Strategy two months ago. I started out using it online and quickly got into a routine that was making me over $2,000 a day.

"Since then I have flown to Las Vegas twice, where, as you know, the best video poker games in the world are located.

"I did so well on my trips that I am planning on moving to Vegas soon. My girlfriend is coming too.

"My only problem is what to tell my friends. They still think I am an insurance claims adjuster. I guess they’ll just have to think that the adjustment business is paying pretty well these days."
Kevin L. – Boise, Idaho

"I want to tell you that I am not a gambler. I don’t play blackjack. I don’t play slot machines. It’s not that I have anything against gambling, it is just that I don’t like to lose money. It seems foolish to work really hard to save a little and then blow it in a few hours gambling.

"I would never have even tried your video poker system except that you impressed me as a very serious sort who, just like me, doesn’t like to waste his time or money.

"I have been very successful with your strategy. I make over $1,750 a day with your system and it certainly isn’t gambling. It isn’t gambling when you win so consistently.

"Thanks for letting me in on this. It is really good."
Mary F. – St Charles, Missouri



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