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I don’t know how to play three card poker. How hard will it be to learn this game and then learn to use your strategy?

You don’t need to have any experience or previous knowledge of three card poker or any other version of poker in order to be very successful using this strategy. The manual assumes that you are a beginner and covers every aspect of the game and how you use the strategy to win. Even if you have never set foot in a land-based casino or played in an online casino, you will easily learn how to play and win at three card poker using the Power Poker Strategy.


How long will it take me to learn to win with the Power Poker Strategy?

You should be able to learn this strategy in an hour or less. I give you lots of examples in this course, and you will have more than enough information to get started quickly. If you decide to play online, you can be playing in an online casino an hour after downloading the course. You will find that using the Automatic  Bet Selector makes it very easy to use this strategy and using it will enable you to start playing very easily.


What is the Power Poker Strategy?

This is a unique strategy developed for the game of three card poker, which is called tri-card poker in the online version.  It recognizes that three card poker is really two games –

The ante/play game where the player plays against the dealer, and
The Pair Plus game where the player is paid off based on the value of his hand.

This strategy has been tested for over 4,000 games and proven to produce very high profits very consistently.


How much money do I need to get started using the Power Poker Strategy?

You can get started with a $100 buy-in. Each level of play has its own bankroll requirements, but in general you will only need a modest bankroll to use this strategy. For example, a $1 bettor will need a $100 buy-in while playing with $5 bets requires a $500 buy-in.


How small are the minimum wagers in this strategy?

The smallest wagers are $1 wagers. While you won’t find many $1 minimum wager tables in land-based casinos, there are many online casinos offering $1 games. What’s more, even games played with $1 bets are very profitable for players using the Power Poker Strategy. Games played using $1 Base Bets win from $167 to $334 an hour in online casinos.  Five-dollar bettors, playing in “brick and mortar” casinos can expect to win over $750 an hour.  These are documented win rates, based on thousands of games played in real casinos.

What is the range of bets in this strategy?

There is no fixed range of bets in this strategy.  In other words, the strategy does not rely on a fixed betting progression where bets automatically increase in size following a formula.  This strategy relies on a totally different concept of determining the size of your bets.  When you use this strategy, you can easily overcome losses of 8 to 10 bets in a row, because you will not be increasing the size of your bets when you are in a losing streak.

Perhaps the best aspect of using this strategy is that the course comes with the Automatic Bet Selector which automates all betting decisions.


What do I need to do to be able to play and beat the online casinos using the Power Poker Strategy?

You will need a way to get online so that you can log on to online casinos. And you’ll need to learn the Power Poker Strategy so that you have a winning strategy. With the manual and other materials you will receive, you will be able to win consistently. And, you will get plenty of aids to help you win. For instance, the Automatic Bet Selector will show you how to determine the size of every wager. The only other thing you will need is $100 in seed capital to get started playing online.


Can U.S. players still play online? I heard about a new law restricting U.S. players.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 was signed into law in October, 2006. This act primarily applies to U.S. banks and credit card companies in an attempt to restrict online gambling. In response to this act, some online casinos have placed restrictions on U.S. players or stopped accepting U.S. players. It is still very easy for U.S. players to gamble online and my students continue to play online daily. As part of the course, you will get complete information on where you can play online safely and profitably without restrictions.


How much can I really expect to make using the Power Poker Strategy?

How much you make depends on how fast you play, how long you play, and the size of your wagers. In general, online play is much faster than play in brick and mortar casinos and offers the highest returns for the amount of time spent playing.

I’ll give you examples for $1 and $5 bettors using this strategy -

One dollar bettors will make from $150.03 to as high as $334.00 an hour, depending on the speed of the game.

Five dollar bettors can expect to average $751.50 an hour in slower land-based games and make as much as $1,670.00 an hour playing online.


How will I know when a game is over?

Unlike many gambling strategies as well as investment strategies, which leave locking up profits pretty much to an individual’s judgment, the Power Poker Strategy uses a scientific approach to tell you when a game is over.

When you order the strategy, you will receive a Power Number geared to the level of play you choose.

The Power Number will determine when you call a game completed.  Once your winnings reach the level of your Power Number, you will modify your play so that it will be impossible for you to lose from that point on.  You can continue to play with your Power Number automatically growing to lock up more profits as you play. 

The result is that you won’t have to call a game over when you are on a winning streak  You can continue to play while locking up more money with each win. 

The ability to continue to play with virtually no downside is one aspect of this strategy that the casino bosses really fear.  With this approach, you will easily pull in bonus wins of $3,000 to $5,000 every few hours of play.


How safe is it to gamble online? I have heard about people getting cheated.

Gambling online is really very safe if you stick with our recommended casinos. My students and I have played for thousands of hours online and we share our collective experiences with our selection of the best online casinos.


Do I have to have a good memory to use your strategy?

No unusual memory skills are needed to be very successful using the Power Poker Strategy especially using the Automatic Bet Selector which comes with the course. The Selector will show you where to place every wager and how much to wager. 


Tell me more about the Automatic Bet Selector.

Using the Power Poker Strategy flawlessly is very easy when you use the Automatic Bet Selector. Before starting a game, you decide on your base bet and the level of the strategy you will use. Fill in a few numbers in the Bet Selector to set it up. That’s it. Once you do this the tracker will –

  • Show you where to place a wager and how much to bet.

  • Set up the Power Number to maximize your profits.

  • Keep a running balance of your profits.

  •  Signal you when your profits have reached the level when you will automatically lock them up.

  • Tell you exactly when to call a game completed and lock up your win.

  • Allow you to continue a winning streak with zero risk of giving up your profits.

Using the Automatic Bet Selector will let you play like a pro almost instantly.

I am not sure that gambling is right for me. Can you tell me some more about you and your students?

My students come from all walks of life, all ages and both sexes. We have CPAs, medical doctors and teachers as well as students, plumbers and car salesmen who all share the common experiences of beating the casinos using this strategy.

If you like the freedom to pick the time and place for working on a task, you will probably like this system.

If you prefer working for short productive periods and then changing gears and doing something else, you will like this strategy as it wins in very short time periods and you can quit anytime you want.

If you like working by yourself or with one or two partners, you will like this strategy.

If you hate being stuck in a boring job or profession and welcome a new and interesting way to make a lot of money, you will like this strategy.

If you like the idea of a new way to make money that is low risk and doesn’t require much of an investment, then you will like this strategy.


How often does this strategy lose? No bull please.

You will lose about one in five games with this strategy, for an 80% win rate.  However, I want you to consider something else –

You need to consider the amounts won and lost on winning and losing games.

Consider the 25 games I played in Las Vegas, which are presented in the main report.  Here the average amount lost, when I had a loss, was $358 per game.  However, the average amount won per winning game was $319.29.

As you can see, the amount lost when I had a loss, was not much more than the average amount won per winning game.  With a ratio of four winning games for every losing one, you can see why this strategy is so profitable.


Is this strategy consistent? I bought a different strategy that never won enough to overcome its losses.

I am happy to tell you that the Power Poker Strategy is very consistent and reliable. Losses are easily overcome and all of the net hourly winnings in this report are net of any losses. It is because of its consistency that I can give you realistic estimates of how much you will make an hour with this strategy.


Why is using the Power Poker Strategy any different than trading stocks? Isn’t it still a high-risk way to try to make money?

I have had experiences in trading stocks, investing in mutual funds, and even day trading. I will give you a couple of differences between trading stocks or commodity futures and using the Power Poker Strategy –

#1- The Power Poker Strategy is more reliable than trading stocks or commodities. As a trader you may be lucky to win 60% of your trades and your win rate may be a lot lower. Our long term testing of the "Formula" confirms a win rate as high as 80%, considerably better than the stock and commodity traders do.  And, when we do have losses, they are moderate ones, easily overcome with winning games.

#2 – You’ll have more free time and choice of when you "work" using the Power Poker Strategy than trading securities. As a securities trader, you are pretty much tied to your computer when markets are trading. If you live in the U.S. and trade Asian markets, you will be up most of the night. Both land-based and online casinos operate 24/7. You chose when and if you want to play. This is an alternative that the securities traders simply don’t have.


Why is your strategy better than other gambling strategies?

Nearly every gambling system that is offered as something "new and different" is usually just a variation of a number of strategies developed for roulette in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Some examples are Martingale progressions, Labouchere or the Cancellation system, Ascot, d’Alembert, Parlays, and numerous other betting schemes and systems. Some of these systems are better than others, but they all will ultimately lose. Uniquely, the Power Poker Strategy goes to the heart of winning at gambling. It eliminates the traditional way of using one system that is supposed to cover every phase of the game. Instead it uses unique betting and money management rules that automatically adjust your betting to match the flow of the game.

What’s more, the Power Poker Strategy uses the awesome power of the Power Number to give you an edge that no other poker or gambling strategy can.


I want you to be very specific. How long will it take me to win $1,000 using your strategy?

In order to give you a meaningful answer, we have to consider the size of your bets and the speed of the game, as these two factors have a great deal to do with how fast you will win.

As a $5 bettor playing in a land-based three card poker game, your net winnings should average about $751 an hour. Here it would take you about 1 hour 20 minutes to make $1,000 in profits.

If you use the same level of play in a faster online tri-card poker game you can easily win $1,670 an hour. In this case, you will win your $1,000 in just a little over 36 minutes.

Of course, if you play with larger betting units, such as $10 bets, you will win at an even higher rate.


How do I know that your claims about using the Power Poker Strategy are real?

I think the best place to start is to read some of the statements made by people, very much like you, who have used this strategy.

If you do, you will find that all kinds of people have successfully used this strategy to bring in large amounts of winnings. One of the reasons I am restricting the number of people who can have this information is to make sure that our winnings as a group don’t become so large that the casinos start taking counter measures against us.

I also give numerous examples of how this strategy has performed in real world play.  If you are still not convinced, then you should consider that this strategy comes with a no-nonsense $25,000 Guarantee in Writing. If, even with this guarantee, you are still fearful of losing money, I will show you how to prove to yourself that the strategy works by playing in "practice mode" online. This way you can see exactly how the strategy performs without risking even one penny.


How hard is it to find online casinos where I can use the Power Poker Strategy and win?

When you order the Power Poker Strategy Course, you’ll get a bonus book – Power Poker’s Best Online Casinos.  This book gives you all of the information you need to find the best online casinos.

My clients and I shared information on our online playing experiences and came up with information you won’t find anywhere else 

  • We shared the most profitable casinos with you.

  • We eliminated any casinos that proved difficult to work with.

  • We screened casinos by the kind of tri-card poker games offered.

  • We selected casinos with the best software behind them.

I think you will like this approach. Incidentally, each of the recommended casinos welcomes players from the U.S.


Why are you selling this system? Why not just keep it for yourself?

When I first starting doing the testing and research that ultimately resulted in the development of the , selling a system was the last thing on my mind.Power Poker Strategy

But, it’s funny how one thing leads to another, often with unforeseen consequences.

Because of my failures in achieving consistent profits playing conventional poker, I had to change my tactics.

My breakthrough occurred with my discovery of the game of three card poker.  This game, more than any other games I have played (including all forms of poker as well as stock trading) lends itself to strong money management procedures.

By applying proven trading strategies to three card poker I eventually came up with the Power Poker Strategy.

I shared the strategy with a small number of acquaintances and people recommended by my publisher.  I found that not only was the feedback and insight from others invaluable to me, but that I enjoyed working together with a group of people sharing common goals.

Finally, after the strategy had been perfected, I decided to share it with a few hundred more people. With over 3,000 online casinos and millions of online gamblers, as well as thousands of “brick and mortar” casinos worldwide, I knew that sharing this knowledge with a few more carefully selected people would not hurt our chances of winning.

So, in offering you a chance to join our group of highly successful three card poker players, I believe that we are both participating in a win-win situation. I have the chance to share my strategy with a few more deserving persons, and you have the opportunity to learn a high profit virtually foolproof way to make a lot of money.


Will I be banned from playing three card poker if I use your strategy?

So far, none of our players has been banned from playing because they were winning. And, there is no reason to ever get banned. I recommend that you spread your play around rather than just playing in one or two casinos. This reduces the risk of overplaying in any one casino.

One method of play that works well for many players is to play in both online and land-based casinos. By playing online, you will gain the opportunity to play whenever you feel like it. Your sessions in brick and mortar casinos are likely to be longer than your online play, and even if you just play in one casino, if you vary your play between games, you shouldn’t run into any casino heat.


How does your guarantee work?

My guarantee is designed to completely protect you and give you a chance to try out the Power Poker Strategy on a 100% Risk-Free Basis.

Here’s how this works –You order the course online and download it as soon as your order is approved. Now you can examine the course at your leisure.

You can read it and try it out. I suggest that you try it in "practice mode" in one of the online casinos so that you can see how it performs before you risk any money.

You are free to use the strategy for a period of up to one year after you order it.

You can test it and use it any way you like.

You can use it to win large sums playing tri-card poker online.

You can beat the casino games offered in land-based casinos. You can take and pay for a vacation using your poker winnings. You can go to Las Vegas. Or, Lake Tahoe. Or, Reno. Or, how about visiting the Gulf Coast casinos in Mississippi? Or, playing on an Iowa riverboat or in a Minnesota Indian casino?

You can play and win at three card poker on a cruise ship.

Here’s the really good part –If you are unhappy with the Power Poker Strategy for any reason, just send me an email and I will refund your purchase price. And, I will do this quickly and courteously.

But, there’s even more.  I am so sure that this strategy will work for you that I am making an unprecedented additional guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using the Power Poker Strategy, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund.


What do I do if I order the strategy and I don’t like it?

If you order the strategy and for any reason don’t like it, just email me for a prompt and courteous refund.


How do I get started if I don’t have any money?

One of the things that my students like the best about using the Power Poker Strategy is the ability to play with almost no money and rapidly grow a bankroll out of their profits.

You can start playing online with just $100 and be assured that in a very short time period, you will have built up profits of over $1,000. Now that you are playing with casino winnings, you can easily increase the size of your wagers so that your winnings grow even faster.

By gradually increasing the size of your wagers as your winnings grow, you can quickly and easily move to the level of play where you are making over $2,000 an hour.

The following table shows hourly win rates at varying rates of play for $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $8, $10, $15, $20 and $25 bet levels.  You can think of the 50 to 100 rounds per hour games as more representative of play in land-based casinos, while the 200 round per hour games as typical of play in online casinos.

Expected Hourly Win Rates at
Various Levels and Speeds of Play


Number of Rounds Played Per Hour

Base Bet

Winning Per Round

50 Per Hour

100 Per Hour

200 Per Hour
























































How much can I win with your strategy?

My associates and I have proven that you can win a lot of money using the Power Poker Strategy.

How much you win depends on two things –

The size of your bets, and

The speed of the game.

Simply stated, if you play with larger bets, you will make more than if you are a smaller bettor.

And, the more bets per hour you can make, the higher your hourly win rate.

Let’s assume that you are a $1 bettor, playing at a typical rate of speed in online casinos.

If you play ten hours a week, you should average net winnings (profits) of $3,340.

On a yearly basis, you would be bringing in about $167,000 (for 50 weeks of play).

If you decided to put in 20 hours a week at this same betting level, you would bring in $6,680 a week with yearly profits of $334,000.

And, if this level of profits is not enough, all you have to do is move your betting up to playing with $2 betting units. If you play online at this level and play at a slightly faster rate than when you were making $1 bets, you can easily win $10,020 a week for about ten hours of play.


How fast can I multiply my profits?

You can multiply your profits very quickly using the Power Poker Strategy.  I know several people who have started with $100 bankrolls and now have bankrolls of $250,000 or more.

How long it takes you to go from $100 to $250,000 depends on where you play three card poker (game speeds vary) and your level of play. If you decide to play online, then you can grow a $250,000 bankroll in less than 40 hours of play.

After several of my assistants accomplished this, others became so interested in learning how they did it that we created another book revealing how to grow your bankroll safely and easily. How to Build a $250,000 Bankroll Using the Power Poker Strategy is one of the bonuses now available when you download this course.


Tell me more about the book How to Build a $250,000 Bankroll Using the Power Poker Strategy . How does it work?

How to Build a $250,000 Bankroll Using the Power Poker Strategy is a detailed plan showing the exact steps you will take to build a $10,000, $25,000, even $250,000 bankroll. It breaks this down into a series of steps, each one building on the other.

There are two different plans presented, one for land-based play and the other for online play.

Playing in land-based games, you will start with $5 bets and increase the size of your bets as your winnings build.  Using this approach in your step-by-step plan, you can increase the size of your bankroll from $500 to $250,000 in about 38 hours.

In online casinos, we assume that you start with $1 bets and move up in betting size as your winnings grow.  With this plan, you will build a $250,000 bankroll in about 33 hours of play.

I want to be clear that this is not some pie-in-the-sky scheme. It is a plan based on what others have actually accomplished using the Power Poker Strategy. To be very successful and win huge amounts of money, all you have to do is follow in their footsteps.


Is it really possible to quit work and play your system professionally?

Yes. Not only is it possible, but it is a very feasible option. Several of my clients have quit their jobs and now use their poker winnings as their main source of income. The benefits of playing online are so great that they couldn’t resist the chance to drop the drudgery of a job for the freedom of playing online just a few hours a week and bringing in much more than they ever made at their former jobs.


I am not a gambler and I haven’t had much luck with business opportunities. Why should I try the Power Poker Strategy?

If you want an easy and very reliable way to make money from your own home, you won’t find a better opportunity than using this strategy to make money.

The benefits of using the Power Poker Strategy are numerous –

  • You can get started with almost no investment - $100 will work.

  • Everything you need to know comes in a complete course you can download instantly.

  • The course is complete right down to listing the casinos where you will play and win.

  • You can try the strategy risk free and even play online in practice mode. 

  • The course comes with a complete "No Nonsense Guarantee" for a full year.  And, you’ll get my $25,000 Certificate of Satisfaction.

  • The Power Poker Strategy has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a consistent and very profitable strategy. And, we have over 4,000 games we played backing this up.


I am nervous about playing in an online casino. What guidance do you provide?

The Power Poker Strategy course is very thorough and will give you complete step-by-step guidance to playing online.

You’ll learn –

  • The minimum specifications for the computer you use for online play.

  • The type of Internet Connection to use.

  • Complete information about how to get started playing online, including how to download and install software and detailed information on picking an online casino.

  • How to cope with restrictions on U.S. players because of recent anti-gambling legislation.

  • The different deposit and payment options and which online banking company is ranked head and shoulders above all of the others.

  • What to do if you ever have a complaint or problem.

  • Which casinos to play in online. We give you the exact names of prequalified casinos where you can play and win.

What’s more, even though the manual you will download is very easy to use and follow, you can email us if you have questions about the strategy, online casinos, or anything else.

We give you the exact steps to take so that you can try out this strategy with no money risked. This manual is so complete with examples and step-by-step procedures that make playing and winning online very easy.

And, if for any reason you are not 100% delighted with this course, you have my unprecedented Guarantee of your complete satisfaction, backed by the certainty of a complete refund anytime you decide to ask for one.

What I really want is a winning gambling strategy I can use on vacations. Will the Power Poker Strategy work for this use?

The Power Poker Strategy is an excellent strategy for use on vacations.

As you will read on this web site, this strategy was first developed for games played in casinos in Las Vegas. I have used it many times in three card poker games in brick and mortar casinos. Some of the biggest winners I know make their money playing strictly in land-based games real rather than virtual casinos.

And, because the average game is about 14 minutes long, it is the perfect vacation strategy.

You can play for a very short time period and count on winning.

You can play longer, using the powerful profit lock-up techniques to prevent losses.

You can use it wherever you want for casino play on a vacation – Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Tunica, Mississippi.

It also works well in the casino games offered on cruise ships as well as in international casinos.


I am impressed with what I read. What will I have to do to make at least $10,000 a week so that I can quit my job?

It is surprisingly easy to make $10,000 a week using the Power Poker Strategy.

The easiest way to do this is to play online from the comfort of your home. As a $2 player, after just a few hours practice, you will be able to play fast enough to make an average of  $1,000 an hour playing online. Here, ten hours a week will bring in over $10,000 a week.

If you prefer to play in land-based casinos, your hourly win rate will be $751 if  you make $5 bets and play at 90 rounds per hour, the average speed of three card poker in a land-based casino.

You would have to put in about 13½ hours a week to win $10,000.  However, if you move up to making $10 bets you can make $10,000 a week in less than seven-hours of  play per week!

Just so you are clear on the amounts – they come from the results of thousands of games and are net of all losses. Thus they represent the net amounts that an average player, making $10 bets, should expect to average per hour, once he is up to speed playing online.

While $10,000 a week is great, why not go for $25,000 a week in winnings?  One of your bonus books, Make $25,000 a Week Playing Three Card Poker, shows you exactly how to do this. 

Playing in a land-based casino you can easily make $25,000 a week playing 21 hours a week, making $8 bets.  We’ll show you how.

Playing online, 19 hours of play a week, making $4 bets will net you $25,000 a week.

The possibilities are almost endless when you combine the reliability of profits made using the Power Poker Strategy with our step-by-step approach to building and keeping high-profits!


How much are your students making with this strategy? Please, no hype, just facts.

We have records of 4,350 games played in both land-based and online casinos. Based on these records, we know that a $5 bettor can average making from $417 to as much as $1,670 an hour.

The difference in winnings is due primarily to the difference in speeds between slow land-based games and faster online games. Online games are much faster, and it is possible to win a lot more per hour playing online.

I’ll give you some specific examples of how my students are doing –

Glen A. from Las Vegas, Nevada, plays in a local casino two days a week and then several sessions online.  His take?  Over $11,000 a week net.

Art S., who lives in Denver, Colorado, finished his first month of play with winnings of $31,500. 

Tom M. of Calgary, Canada, reports profits from using the Power Poker Strategy of over $10,000 a week.

Ron O. from Tacoma, Washington, says he isn’t much of gambler.  However, using the Power Poker Strategy he brings in $9,000 to $11,000 every week.

Al M. of Ventnor City, New Jersey, has set up a $10,000 a week plan and cleared over $60,000 in five weeks.

Daniel R. of Kalamazoo, Michigan, emailed me that he is now up over $32,000 playing tri-card poker online using our strategy. 

Jeff O. who lives in Glendale, Arizona, has just gotten started but has already made over $12,000 in profits.

Nick L. from Albuquerque, New Mexico, states that he has never made less than $15,000 a week using the Power Poker Strategy.

Brian W. from Toronto, Canada, plays 1½ to 2 hours a day online and makes $1,000 or more every day.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. The Power Poker Strategy is a very consistent profit maker and people of all ages, with different backgrounds and of either sex have done very well using it.






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