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After I developed the Power Poker Strategy, I initially planned to limit the number of persons using it to less than 50.

I released my original strategy to a number of people I knew and some of my publisher’s associates who have a lot of experience in testing gambling strategies.

Here are the experiences of my original group of players using the Power Poker Strategy.  I think you will find them very enlightening.


“I am winning a lot of money with the Power Poker Strategy.  I play in a local casino two days a week and then play four or five sessions a week online. 

“I easily clear over $11,000 a week. 

“This is by far the best poker strategy ever.  Thanks for letting me in on it.”

Glen A. – Las Vegas, Nevada


“I love playing poker but have never been a consistent winner until I switched games to Three Card Poker.  Using your strategy I have started making some real money. 

“I cleared over $21,000 last month using the Power Poker Strategy and in the past nine days I am up another $11,200. 

“Your strategy is the best poker system ever created.  Thanks again.”

Jay H. -  Westlake, Louisiana


“I have been using the Power Poker Strategy for six weeks.  I play strictly online and I have had great results. 

“My goal is to make $2,000 a day and I usually hit it after 2 to 2 ½ hours play.  Before I learned your strategy I played in various poker rooms with mixed success. 

“In my opinion, if your goal is consistent profits with minimum hassle, then this strategy is the clear winner!”

Don L. – Hennepin, Illinois


“I never played poker in a casino before I got your Power Poker course.  Now I play three card poker two to three days a week at the Argosy Casino and I am doing real well. 

“I followed your plan to make $1,000 a day and I am happy to tell you I am doing much better than that.  I averaged over $2,300 per day of play last month.”

Mike L. -  Lawrenceburg, Illinois


 “I will never go back to playing poker the same way again.  The Power Poker Strategy has it over anything else out there. 

“I just finished my first month using this strategy and my net was $31,500.  I have never even come close to making this much playing poker before. 

“Your method is vastly superior to any of those other ‘super systems.’  I heartily recommend it!”

Art S. – Denver, Colorado


“Your poker system is the best.  I have been playing poker online for over a year.  Just like you I experienced lots of ups and downs.  I spent most of my evenings in online poker rooms and I lost any social life. 

“Now, I play tri-card poker (Ed note; tri-card poker is the name used for three card poker by most online casinos) only when I feel like it.  I set up a weekly profit goal of $10,000 and I have followed your plan. 

“I am happy to report that my profits have exceeded $10,000 a week every week except one, when I took the week off for a much needed vacation. 

“I will never go back to the poker rooms.  Your method is by far better.”

Tom M. – Calgary, Canada 


“I retired last year just in time for the stock market crash.  I am pretty good with numbers so I decided to start playing poker to try to make a little extra money.  My results were very spotty – no big losses, but not much won either. 

“When you recruited me to try out your three card poker strategy I thought what the heck, I am just treading water anyway. 

“After two weeks of great success playing for small wins I decided to give your strategy a real workout.  Over the past four weeks I cleared over $17,000 playing in Casino Aztar. 

“I am quite pleased with this as you can imagine and not as concerned as I was with my retirement. 

“Just between us, I would rather rely on myself playing poker than either Wall Street or government handouts.”

Earl W. - Evansville, Indiana

“I love gambling.  I admit it.  But, I also hate losing.  Like you, I only like to gamble when I have an edge. 

“I was a blackjack card counter for two years and made a total of $3,520 for my efforts.  I figured out that I was earning less than $3 an hour playing blackjack. 

“Next I tried poker.  At first I loved it.  Then reality set in.  I was playing very long hours with no consistency at all. 

“When you invited me to try your strategy at three card poker I was ready for a change.  

“Your poker strategy is the best.  It is a very reliable profit producer.  I have set up your $10,000 a week plan and it works.  In five weeks I have cleared over $60M.”

Al M. – Ventnor City, New Jersey

“I am a school teacher.  Honestly, it is a struggle to make enough to take care of my wife and three kids.  I usually work on weekends and during the summer at Home Depot. 

“I reached the point where I wasn’t enjoying 80 hour workweeks and I wanted to find something more enjoyable and more profitable as well. 

“A friend of mine knew you and was able to get me on as one of your system testers for your new Power Poker Strategy. 

“I have really done well with your strategy.  I mostly play at Grand Casino Hinckley and I have been averaging about $2,500 a weekend.  After my second weekend of doing this I quit the part time job and I am seriously thinking of taking a different teaching position at a private school which pays less but would be much more enjoyable. 

“I want to thank you for taking a chance on me.  Learning your poker methods has given me a whole new direction for my life.”

Norm T. -  Hinckley, Minnesota

“I am not much of a gambler.  Whenever I visited a casino I only played slot machines, because I really didn’t understand the table games.  

“I am glad that you decided to let me try out your Power Poker Strategy.  Your manual and other materials are very easy to follow.

“I didn’t know much about poker but within two days I was playing tri-card poker online.  I followed your instructions and in my first week of real play I made over $4,000. 

“Now I have set up a playing schedule which works really well for me.  I play online 12 to 15 hours a week and I have been making $9,000 to $11,000 every week. 

“I still don’t feel like a gambler.  Using your method is more like running my own very profitable little business.”

Ron O. – Tacoma, Washington


“I just decided to become a full time poker player.  I have been using the Power Poker Strategy with great success at a local casino. 

“Over seven weeks I have made almost $60,000 or over $8,500 a week playing three card poker three or four days a week.  

“I have paid off all my credit cards and I am building up my savings.  I am not nervous, just cautious.  Thanks for your help and consideration.”

Stan S. -  St. Joseph, Missouri


“I lost my job a couple of months ago.  I have sent out over 115 resumes and only had one interview.  I know there are lots of people in the same boat. 

“When you contacted me about joining your poker team I was intrigued, but nervous about losing any money.  My wife finally convinced me to try it   We agreed that I would risk $100 and no more and see what happened. 

“Wow.  I never expected the success I have had.  I am now up over $32,000 playing online.  My wife and I are going to Las Vegas next week and I am really looking forward to playing poker there. 

“I am still sending out resumes, but to be truthful, I am not sure that I would ever accept a job if I got an offer.  I don’t think any job would come close to my poker winnings. 

“Thanks for letting me in on this.  It has been a life saver.”

Daniel R. – Kalamazoo, Michigan


“Greetings from the ‘land of enchantment.’  Believe it or not we have casinos near Santa Fe.  I play at two casinos located about thirty minutes away and I have been cleaning up with your poker system. 

“There is no doubt that using your strategy and playing three card poker is the most profitable casino system – ever. 

“I speak from experience.  I have played craps, blackjack, Let it Ride and Texas Hold’em at least semi-professionally.  I have never won as consistently as I have been winning with the Power Poker Strategy. 

“My daily average win is now over $5,300 a day, and this is making $10 bets.  I plan on moving up to $25 bets soon.” 

“I will keep you posted on my results.”

 Carlos S. - Santa Fe, New Mexico


“I am retired.  My retirement accounts fell 34% last year.  I have been very concerned and have even thought about going back to work.  

“I have been using your Power Poker Strategy for three weeks.  It is something really extraordinary.

“So far I have made $12,000, but I know I can make much more. 

“I think you may have solved my problem.  This has got to be the greatest part-time job in the world.  

“Thanks for your help and confidence in me.”

Jeff O.- Glendale, Arizona

“I like to play at the Majestic Pines Casino.  Not the biggest, but my favorite casino.  Since I got your system I have switched from blackjack to playing three card poker and I am delighted with my wins. 

“I just computed my average winnings and determined that I have been making $587 an hour playing. 

“Thought you would appreciate the great news.” 

Raol S. - Eau Claire, Wisconsin


“I didn’t’ know much about poker before I got your course.  You have very good instructions on how to play and how to use your strategy. 

“I am really impressed with the Power Number system.  It works very well. 

“I have been playing tri-card poker online and winning very consistently.  

“I am very impressed with your course and your organization.  You stand behind your products 100%.”

Fred R. –Madison, Wisconsin


“I am delighted with the Power Poker Strategy. 

“The Power Number concept is pure genius and the Automatic Bet Selector makes it very easy to win. 

“You have a knock-out system here that beats every other poker or gambling strategy out there. 

“My congrats to you.  

“One final thing I thought you would like to know.  My profits just soared past $100,000.  Thanks again.”

Nelson J. – San Francisco


“I am making a fortune using the Power Poker Strategy. 

“I just hit another jackpot and pulled in over $14,000 in an hour. 

“This system is way better than any other poker system.  

“It is easy to learn, easy to use and very profitable.”

Ira L. – Corinth, Mississippi

“I really like using the Power Poker Strategy with the Power Bet. 

“Winnings using this system are really awesome.  I am a $5 to $10 bettor playing in nearby casinos.  I like to play two to three hours a day, four to five times a week. My weekly goal is to make $15,000. 

“So far I have never failed to make $15,000 a week or even more.”  

“I also appreciate it that I can contact you by email when I have questions. 

“Great service, awesome product.”

Nick L. – Albuquerque, New Mexico


“I am new to playing poker.  Fortunately your course is very thorough.  

“After reading it I decided to try your bankroll building plan.   I am happy to tell you that it worked very well. 

“I started with $100, just like you suggested.  I followed your step-by-step plan and in just three weeks my bankroll has grown to $43,000.  

“I haven’t reached my goal of $100,000 yet, but I can see that I will reach it. 

“I wanted to let you know that your whole system is very good and works just like you state.  I am living proof that anyone who can follow simple instructions can make a lot of money.”

Howard O. – San Diego, California


“I was very skeptical of your claims.  However, I decided to give your system a trial, not expecting very much. 

“As soon as I downloaded your package I was impressed by the quality of your materials.  You obviously have put a lot of time and effort into this course. 

“I was even move impressed by your manual and the many examples of play.  Even though I was still skeptical I decided to try your plan to make $1,000 a day playing poker.

“I will tell you that I was wrong about your strategy.  It really works.  I have been playing 1½ to 2 hours a day online and making $1,000 or more every day. 

“You have a really good strategy here.  Everything you claim about this strategy is 100% true.”

Brian W. – Toronto, Canada

“The Power Poker Strategy is the easiest way to make money I have ever tried.  I am a dentist and I have traded stocks for the past ten years. 

“Your strategy is much more consistent that my stock trading profits.  Furthermore, I don’t have to risk much money to make some very consistent high returns with your strategy. 

“I am seriously thinking of cutting my office hours to just three days a week.  Playing poker is not only more enjoyable than seeing patients, it is much more profitable.”

Jim T. – Dallas, Texas

“Your Power Poker Strategy course is top notch.  It is very easy to follow.  After I got it I was playing online the next day.   The Automatic Bet Selector made it super easy to use the strategy. 

“I won $8,300 the first week, $9,650 the second week and I am up $7,600 in the past three days. 

“This is truly the best poker strategy ever.”

Kendall R. – Colorado Springs, Colorado


“I love playing poker but I found out the hard way that trying to play poker for a living is very difficult.  I spent the past seven months playing poker online five or six nights a week.  I made about $8,000 for my work, which isn’t as good as I would have made working for minimum wages. 

“On top of the long hours and low pay, I got where I really dreaded spending every night playing poker.  Poker is fun when you do it for fun.  As a way of making a living, it sucks. 

“In frustration I decided to try your approach, playing three card poker and using your Power Poker methods.  My results have been just super.  It only took me three days to make $8,000 playing online.  This is a lot better than the seven months it took me in the poker rooms. 

“And, there is one more thing I want to mention.  I can use your system anytime instead of having to play at night like when I played in the poker rooms.  I have discovered that I really like playing early in the morning and pulling in over $1,000 before I even get dressed. 

“There is no question that your system is better than anyone else’s.  It has sure changed my life.”

Ray J. – Cleveland, Ohio

“This is the number one poker strategy around.  Playing online I easily make over $300 an hour making $1 bets. 

“I also play in two local casinos making $5 bets.  Here I am making about $700 an hour. 

“This is a real winner!”

James T. – Biloxi, Mississippi


“This is the best poker strategy ever.  I have read over 20 poker books.  I have been playing games like Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud and Omaha Hilo for years, so I feel like I can speak with some authority based on my experiences. 

“My advice to other players is simple – Quit screwing around in the same games everyone else is playing and switch to playing three card poker using the Power Poker Strategy.”

George F. – Broken Bow, Nebraska


“Learning your poker strategy has been the most profitable move I have ever made.  Now, I am seriously thinking of becoming a full time pro.” 

“I have used your Power Poker Strategy for five weeks.  I have made £37,000.  I am strictly an online player and I feel like I now have the ultimate profit maker in my hands. 

“Thanks again for your help and guidance.  I appreciate you taking the time to email me detailed answers to my questions.”

Lowell T. – London, England 


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