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Can you really make money playing slot machines?

Most people sure don’t do it. After all, how can you expect to win against a "computer chip controlled device" that is programmed to only pay you from 90 to 98% of the amount played?

One person told me that the only way anyone could consistently win was to find a way to cheat at slots.

This sounds like a real long shot, doesn’t it?

Yet, as incredible as it sounds, we have found a way to "legally cheat the slots."

However, because what we teach is 100% legal, you won’t have to worry about getting caught when you use this method.

Most people who play slots hope to win the big jackpot. And these winners are the ones that the casinos like to tell you about. You know, the person who won $500,000 after playing ten dollars in a quarter machine, or the little old lady who won $1.5 million and now eats filet mignon instead of canned dog food.

Yet, our way of "legally cheating the slots" has nothing to do with winning one of these jackpots.

Oh, you still may win a jackpot once in a while. And I am sure you will be delighted to accept the large check from the casino. But, you won’t be dependent on winning one of these "once in a lifetime" long shots to beat the machines.

Instead, you’ll have a method that consistently wins small amounts just about every time you play.

Can you accept a win of $78 for 15 minutes play? Or how about $289.50 for thirty minutes on a slot machine?

Or, does winning $1,373 a day interest you?

These are the levels of consistent winnings that you will make once you learn to "legally cheat the slots."

And it won’t be something that happens to you once in a while, or just when you are lucky.

You will be able to win, time after time with great predictability!

Some of our players have remarkable stories about their experiences -


 Michael L., from Oceanside, California, tells me -

"I haven't lost since I purchased your slots manual. My worst trip to Las Vegas was a break even and my best I was up $2,000.00 + expenses paid. I missed a few big jackpots because I wasn't at max bet. But, that's OK because I would have long been out of money without your manual."


Jack J., who lives in Lancaster, California recently played slot machines using my methods on his wife's birthday. He wrote me -

"On May 1, we were celebrating my wife's 74th birthday at the Las Vegas Hilton, and employed your strategy. We had GREAT SUCCESS at the slot machines. I might say, that we left the Hilton with a few bucks."


Gary K. likes to use this strategy in the casinos in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He emailed me –

"In five days I won $350, $500, $200, $450 and the last time $900."


I could go on and on. I could tell you about my associate in Seattle, Washington, who averages $1,000 a day playing slot machines online.  Or, the elderly lady from Patterson, New Jersey, who has turned "slot machine play" into a very lucrative retirement.

Or, the college student who tried to make money playing poker, failed and now uses the Super Slots Strategy to bring in over $500 a day.


Let me tell you a little more about this extraordinary "perfected slots strategy."

It has nothing to do with increasing your good luck or watching and waiting for a slot that is "ready to pay off."

It isn’t based on watching other players or determining the best time to play or any of the other nonsense that has been offered by clueless promoters.

Instead, it is a scientifically based system that uses the very perfection built into computer chip controlled slot machines to systematically pull out consistent streams of small profits.

This remarkable strategy was developed by a mathematical genius named Lawrence Steele.

Lawrence discovered that most slot machines distribute their payouts over cycles that can become fairly predictable once you know what to look for.

We were fortunate to reach an agreement with him to share his discovery with some of my best customers.

That’s where you come in.  Lawrence’s powerful new way of legally cheating at slots is now available in a Red Hot "Cheat the Slots Kit" that is only available through Silverthorne Publications.

It is one of the most remarkable strategies ever created. Here is just some of what you’ll learn in this remarkable kit –

■  A simple way to pick slot machines where you are most likely to win.

■  Complete information on Lawrence's incredible way of finding the best paying slots in any casino!

■  Special "Power Moves" you can use that are so effective that even low paying slot machines will be profitable for you.

■  The exact steps you will use to hit and lock up daily profits! You will learn to use this information to win with deadly consistency.

■  How to completely avoid casino heat even when winning hundreds of dollars an hour!

■  How to quickly build your bankroll to at least $10,000 and then continue to pull in even higher daily winnings!

■  The simple, but critical steps you need to know to pick out  beatable" online casinos.

■  Complete insider's information on where the casinos place their loosest slot machines. This information alone will put you ahead of 98% of all slot players and make you a winner!

■  A thorough run down on web casinos offering player favorable rules!

■  How to take a tiny investment of $50 and make it explode into thousands of dollars in winnings!

■  How to set up a plan to "extract cash" from slot machines on a continuing basis. This is how you will make "slot play" a reliable source of profits.

■  How to get paid for playing slots. Once you become a regular player, the casinos will shower you with comps - even though you are winning!

■  The best locales for the highest paying slot machines.

■  What to do if you play on a losing machine and how to turn a small loss into a huge win!

■  How to quickly "qualify" any slot on its potential to give you profits without investing a cent!

■  The best and worst spots to play slots in any casino.

■  Whether you should be playing nickel, quarter or dollar slots.

■  An exact plan that shows you how many coins (or credits) to use for each slot play. This information alone will put you into the winners column.

■  How to combine your ability to pick the best slots and then play them "expertly" into a powerful, unstoppable money maker!


There is no doubt that this perfected Cheat the Slots Kit is the easiest, fastest and safest way to win just about any amount of money you want.

One satisfied user told me, "Your method has turned slots play into a powerful source of cash profits for me."

If you are looking for a dependable way to pick up $200, $400, even $1,000 a day using a strategy that is 100% documented and proven to perform, then this is the opportunity for you!

There's only one catch. This new offer is limited to 500 downloads. This limit will be strictly enforced!

The casinos definitely don't want you to have this information. They figure that slot machines are a rigged game (and not in your favor) and that the casino atmosphere, including the so-called freebies, should make you happy to give them your hard-earned money. They rely on infrequent high jackpots to create enough publicity so that the armies of suckers will continue to pour into the casinos and transfer their cash to the casinos' coffers. Sort of like getting mugged by a polite mugger.

But this is about to change for the lucky few who acquire this perfected winning strategy.

If you sincerely want a way to make a lot of money, easily and safely, then you must take a hard look at the Special Report I have waiting for you. I guarantee you that it will be well worth the few minutes to review this critical information and see if this "Cheat the Slots" Kit is for you.

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Yours for "legally cheating the slots,"

Martin J. Silverthorne


P.S. Everything you have read in this message is 100% accurate and true. When you have this special toolkit, you will be able to beat the slot machines consistently and reliably.

Don't put off ordering your own "Risk-Free" Cheat the Slots Kit. Everything you need to "cheat the slots" is instantly downloadable, and you can have this powerful information in your hands in less than five minutes!


P.P.S. The lucky few who grab this information will hold the key to their success. I Guarantee your success and 100% Satisfaction. The only risk you have is losing out. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own "Cheat the Slots" Kit Now.


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