Triple-Win Roulette!

Announcing the Fastest Winning 
Roulette Strategy Ever Created!

"Turn $40 Into an Rock Solid Income of $10,000 a Week!" 



“A New Way of Playing Roulette That Delivers Super-Fast Wins, a Sky-High Win Rate and Is 
So Simple That Anyone Can Learn It In Fifteen Minutes!


We are proud to announce that we have completed final testing of Triple-Win Roulette.  This is a system so good that anyone using it can turn $40 into $933.12 an hour in profits on their first day of play!  

This is the First Release of the Super System that is Winning Millions of Dollars For the Fortunate Group of Insiders Using it!


If you can picture yourself instantly turning $40 into a solid income of $10,605 a week, then you are already on the track to becoming another Roulette Millionaire!



From:  Martin J Silverthorne


Subject:  How to Turn $40 Into a Million Dollar Income!


Dear Friend,

You are just minutes away from discovering the most original and intriguing roulette system ever created.  This is not only the fastest winning roulette system ever devised but also the safest!

You are about to learn –

  • How you can easily turn $40 into a solid income of $10,605 a week.

  • How you can create a monthly income of $45,601 a month withoout leaving home and “working” less than an hour a day!

  • How you can take control of any roulette game and pull in wins faster and with a higher win rate than with any other roulette system!

  • How you can use our proven Millionaire Plan to bring in just about any amount of money you want playing roulette a few hours a week!

  • How the small group of insiders using this system is rapidly becoming Roulette Millionaires using the system that has never failed to produce record setting profits.


Are you ready to get started on the most profitable venture of your life?  I am going to reveal a 100% verified and proven way that will turn any roulette game into your personal ultra-high mega-profit producer!


Benefits Beyond Your Wildest Dreams –

This new roulette-beating system offers benefits almost no other profit seeking venture can claim –

  • It is very easy to learn and even easier to use (Our average player learned it in 16 minutes!)

  • It doesn’t require any skills or experience to use.  All you have to do is follow the clear instructions I will send you.

  • It takes almost no money to get started.  For just $40 you can set up the system that brings in a $10,605 a week income!  And, your new high-income source of profits will be extraordinarily reliable and totally consistent!

  • This program is 100% complete, easy to use and comes with a Solid Money Back Plan that you can take to the bank!

I am Martin J. Silverthorne.  I am a CPA, investor and successful winning gambler.  And, I am probably the world’s biggest critic of so-called money making systems.  Most of them are based on untested claims that fall apart when you try to use them.  And, this goes double for anyone who tries to win at gambling!

That’s why I never take anyone’s word that any system, strategy or method is profitable.  I not only have to experience it for myself, but I also demand that it work for other people over a long-term period of rigorous testing and use.  In other words, I require that the system meet real world tests and pass every one of them.

Most systems don’t even make it to first base.   A few make it to second base.  Only a tiny handful ever makes it as far as third base.  I can count on one hand the roulette systems that are good enough to hit home plate!

Triple-Win Roulette stands at the head of the line of the very best roulette systems of all time!  It is so good it is like hitting a home run every time you are up to bat!

To give you an idea of how this system worked for real people just like you, I have listed their experiences working with me on testing and validating this system. 

However, proving that this system is a strong winner was just the beginning for most of these players . . .

Many of these players have gone on to win millions of dollars using this strategy!

What’s more, these players are routinely bringing in $10,000 a week or larger incomes playing no more than five hours a week from their homes!


Let Me Tell You a Little More About Triple-Win Roulette! 

  • Triple Win Roulette is based on making a unique three-wager combination bet.  You won’t have to scatter chips all over the roulette layout to make this wager.  You will place your chips in three spots that are determined by each spin. 

  • You won’t have to track wheels, record decisions or time your entry to play and win.  Just sit down at any game and set up the unique combo bet.  You will be on your way to winning large amounts almost effortlessly! 

  • No judgment is required to win with this system.  It uses a simple set of rules for setting up the unique Triple-Win Combo bet.  You will be able to do this automatically without any hesitation or guesswork! 

  • When you make the Triple-Win Combo Bet, you will be favored to win on every spin of the wheel.  This wager covers 78.38% of all possible outcomes and has strong built-in hedges against losses!


Just so we are clear here –  

  • Triple-Win Roulette has nothing to do with timing wheels or trying to guess where the ball will land. 

  • It is not based on trying to determine the dealer’s signature (a repetitive pattern a few dealers develop which makes spin outcomes more predictable.) 

  • It is not based on any of the classical roulette systems, like the Martingale, Ascot, D’Alembert or Laubochere. 

  • It is not based on using a simple fixed betting progression.


Remarkably, you don’t even need to know about previous spins to set up the system and start winning!

And, you’ll never have to observe the wheel, write anything down or try to jump in at the right time.

With Triple-Win Roulette, you can sit down at any roulette table (or sign on to an online game) and start wagering from the first spin onward.  You will know where to place the Triple-Win Combo bet following a simple, perfected set of High-Profit Betting Rules.

And, once you know these highly effective moves, you’ll be able to soundly beat all land-based and online roulette games – again and again!


The Awesome Power of Triple-Wins!

Triple-Win Roulette may be the most effective way of winning at roulette of all time!

It doesn’t take much bankroll.  In fact, $40 is all you need to set up this system.

It doesn’t take any unusual skills.

You don’t have to write anything down to use it.

And, it produces the fastest wins we have ever documented!

It is based on using a powerful three-wager combination bet.   The Triple-Win Combo bet covers 78.38% of the possible outcomes of every spin.  This means that you will win some amount on the Combo Bet in almost four out of every five spins!

This Combo Bet is made in special proportions on certain spots on the roulette layout.

To make the bet all you have to do is follow a set of rules which have been perfected over millions of roulette spins.

The outcome of each spin will determine the spots where you place each combo bet and the exact combination of money wagered.


The Power of Winning Coups

The object of setting up the Triple-Win Combo Bet is to win a “coup.”  A coup is a predefined amount based on the size of your bankroll. 

For example, if you are using a $40 bankroll you will play to win a coup of $9.

What is fascinating about Triple-Win Roulette is how the system relentlessly sets up the bets to win each coup.

And, how quickly it does this.

We have timed this system for tens of thousand of roulette spins in real games.

In land-based games, it takes just 7.43 minutes to win a coup.  Another way of saying this is you will win a little over eight coups for each hour you play!

In online games, winning coups show up every 1.48 minutes.  This means you will win almost 41 coups an hour playing online!

What’s more, Triple-Win Roulette not only wins coups fast, it almost never fails to win a coup.


Triple-Win Roulette Has a Red-Hot 94.73% Win Rate!

Do you like to win?  If you do, you are going to love Triple-Win Roulette.  It wins a remarkable 94.73% of its coups!

This puts it in the highest category of winning systems.

A 94.73% Win Rate works out to winning about 19 out of every 20 coup attempts!

This makes winning with Triple-Win Roulette as close to a no-loss system as is realistically possible!


Certificate of Authenticity

Triple-Win Roulette is an original system.  It is is not a modification of any preexisting system, strategy, technique(s) or method(s).

This is the first release of Triple-Win Roulette and the distribution of this material is restricted and may be terminated at any time.



Let’s Crunch Some Numbers . . .

You can get started with just $40.  Your Target Coup for this level of play is $9.  And, you are going to win 19 out of every 20 coup attempts.

With Triple-Win Roulette, you will hardly ever lose your bankroll even when you fail to win a coup.  But let’s assume the worst case and assume that you lose $40 when you fail to win a coup.

Now, with the worst possible outcome, let’s look at how you will do.

Let’s compare how much you win with 19 winning coups and deduct the highest possible loss for one losing coup –

19 Winning Coups x $9 per Coup =


1 Losing Coup (Assume total loss of bankroll)


Net Win


This shows what a strong advantage this system gives you.  

But it gets even better . . .


Real Life Performance You Can Count On

I’ve just showed you the worst-case scenario.  Now, let’s get totally realistic.  Let’s take a look at the average performance of this system as documented by thousands of hours of play


There are a couple of ways to look at performance –

One is to look at the hourly win rate.

Another is to calculate our return on investment just like we would any other investment.


Triple-Win Roulette Pulls In Very Large Winnings For Every Hour You Play!

If you play roulette online, here’s what you can expect (based on documented winnings in online casinos):

As a $1 bettor you can expect to average winning $187 an hour.

Move up to $2 betting and your hourly winning will increase to $373 an hour.

Five-dollar play online will net you a jaw dropping $933 an hour.


We could probably stop there.

Most players would be more than satisfied to make almost $1,000 an hour.

But, many of our players didn’t stop there.

They continued to increase the size of their bets as their profits mushroomed.

Online, ten-dollar bettors are making $1,866 an hour.

But, why stop here?

Many of our players have moved to $15 and $20 betting.

Want to know how they are doing?

Fifteen-dollar players are making $2,799 an hour.

And, twenty-dollar bettors are pulling in $3,732 an hour.

You are probably having trouble believing these numbers.  So, in the interest of full disclosure, here’s how they were achieved –

Our online players played strictly in single-zero games.  These games are easy to find.  In most online casinos just pick “European Roulette” and you have the right game.

These rates are based on continuous play for an hour at a time.  If you stop and take breaks, your win rate will be a little less.  Let’s say you are a $10 bettor and you take a ten-minute break for every hour you play.  Your win rate will drop to $1,555 an hour.  Can you live with that?

Finally you need to know the betting level of the games where we pull in such large amounts.

If you know anything about online play, you are probably thinking that we must be playing in high limit games, such as games that have betting limits from $25 to $2,000.

However, we are not playing in high-limit games.  I hope you have a firm grip on your chair when I tell you –

Our players are pulling in hourly win rates from $186 to $3,732 an hour in games with $1 to $100 betting limits!


Here’s why this information is critical to your success using Triple-Win Roulette online –

The low-betting limit games are offered by just about every online casino!  There are just a handful of online casinos offering high-limit play.

This means that you will have hundreds of “qualified” online casinos where you can win huge amounts playing in the low-limit games.


Triple-Win Roulette Players Are Setting New Win Records Every Day in Land-Based Games!

Years ago I would play roulette primarily as a break from playing craps or blackjack or baccarat.

Roulette is very relaxing.  Back then I looked at it as a good way to make a few more dollars while I took a break from the games which were my major money makers.

That was before I created Triple-Win Roulette.

Now roulette has become my number one choice for winning high amounts of money!

Many Triple-Win Roulette players prefer playing in land-based games.  Once I share their win rates, you’ll understand why.

Five-dollar bettors in “brick and mortar” casinos average winning $187 an hour.

As my old aunt Jesse used to say, “Honey, that ain’t bad!”

But, $187 an hour is just the start.

Moving up to making $10 bets, our players pull in $374 an hour.

Are you impressed?  I am.  I love making almost $400 an hour with small bets.

But, there is no reason to stop here!

Move up to making $25 bets in your favorite casino, and you’ll bring in an unheard of $934 an hour.

Wow!  My head is starting to spin.  But, our players still didn’t stop!

Many players are now making $50 to $100 base bets when they use the Triple-Win Roulette System.

Get ready to be shocked.  I hesitate to share their winnings with you because you may think that I am exaggerating.

But, I am not.  Everything I am sharing here has been verified and is based on solid documentation.

So, here goes . . .

Fifty-dollar bettors are pulling in $1,868 an hour.  Think about this. If you play three hours a day at this level, you’ll clear about $5,600 a day.  Hmmm . . .

If you play three days a week, you’ll bring in almost $17,000 a week.

But, you can still do better.  You can move up to becoming a $100 base bettor.  

Now, you are probably thinking that you will have to find high-limit roulette games to win these high amounts.  That’s the catch here, right?

No.  You won’t need to play in high-limit games to achieve these win rates.  Our players typically play in games with $3 to $5 minimum bets and $250 to $500 maximum bets.

To become a $100 player you will need to find a game that accepts $500 maximum bets.

That’s it.  These games are found in almost every casino that offers roulette.  Believe it or not, the casino bosses consider these low-level games.

Low-level huh?  Let’s see how our $100 bettors do in these low-level games . . .


Triple-Win Roulette players who make $100 base bets pull in net profits of $3734 an hour!

Hard to believe?

This number is based on real-world play.  It is completely documented and proven.  No theory, here.  Just facts!


Now, Let Me Give You The Complete Picture –

To win from $187 to $3,734 an hour playing roulette in land-based casinos, you should play on wheels with single-zeros.

That’s it.  To match our players’ winnings just play at a table with $5 to $500 bet limits and a single-zero wheel.

There are lots of these wheels.  In fact I’ll tell you where to find these single-zero wheels when you download your copy of Triple-Win Roulette!

Now, I’ll share another secret with you . . .

You can use this system on double-zero wheels as well.  Several of our players don’t have access to single-zero wheels so they play on the less attractive wheels with two zeros.

And, they still win.  However, their hourly win rates fall off about 14%. 

That’s it.

If you can stand to take a 14% haircut on your winnings, you can still pull in record-level winnings playing on the double-zero wheels!


Here’s Another Reason That Triple-Win Roulette is Breaking All of the Records For High Winnings.

I shared with you documented win rates for Triple-Win Roulette players.  For example, you now know that $10 bettors, playing online, are making $1,866 an hour.

And, I told you how the players in land-based games are rolling over the casinos with win rates of $1,867 an hour making $50 bets!

Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, here is the rest of the story.

These are the highest returns on bankroll we have ever documented.


Let’s Take a Look At The Returns For a $100 investment -

In land-based games Triple-Win Roulette returns at least $70.35 an hour for every $100 of bankroll.  This works out to a return of 70% per hour on the money risked.

In online play, the return just soars –

For every $100 of bankroll, Triple-Win Roulette will return 354% per hour.

Looked at another way, playing online you will make $3.54 per hour for every $1 invested in the game.

If you play with a $100 bankroll you can expect to win $354 an hour!  

There is not another system, strategy, or method created that can beat these returns!


The Story Behind the System

I was driving from Monterey, California to Phoenix, Arizona.  Normally I would fly, but I had a chance to drive a supercharged Jaguar XF and I couldn’t resist.  I friend of mine needed the car delivered to Phoenix and I offered to save him some money and drive it for him.

I drove 562 miles the first day and made it Kingman, Arizona.  I checked into a room about 4:45 PM and decided to take a short nap before getting something to eat.

I lay down on the bed with the TV on low volume.  I dozed for just a few minutes and I as started to wake up I was thinking about a new way to play roulette.

I visualized making an unusual combination of three bets.   I could picture the bets and I started working out the proportions of each bet.  I was still in a half-sleep, semi-awake mode.

When I was fully awake, the first thing I did was go out to the car and bring in my laptop.

I spent the next two hours working on the system.

The version which sprang forth out of my subconscious mind worked well.   I tweaked it here and there changing the bet proportions.  Then I experimented with changing the betting rules.  By the time I had worked with this system a couple of hours, it was very close to its final version.

The name of the system popped into my head much like the system itself.  This was Triple-Win Roulette!

You’ll see why I gave it this name once you try it.  Even though the Triple-Win Bet Combo puts you in a position to have at least one of your bets win almost 80% of the time, there is one circumstance where all three bets throw off maximum amounts.  This is the exciting Triple-Win!

To this day I can’t tell you why I thought of Triple-Win Roulette.  But, it’s there.  And, it’s real! Now it’s time for you to reap the benefits!


The Magic of the Combo Bet

Triple-Win Roulette uses a special combo bet placed in three different spots on the roulette layout.

It is one of the most cleverly conceived wagers you can make.

Each combo wager covers 78.38% of the outcomes of a spin.  This means that your chance of hitting one of your combo bets is almost four out of five on every spin.

But, there is even more to this amazing bet –

The bet is made is special proportions so that a win on any part of the combo bet will advance you closer to winning a coup!

On top of that, each Combo Bet is further enhanced by using Betting Platforms.

Each Betting Platform is designed to not only protect your bankroll but to move you closer to winning a coup.

You might think of all of these components as acting like a funnel to concentrate your play towards your major objective of winning another coup!


The System’s Secret Weapon – the Triple Win!

With almost 80% of the spots on the roulette layout covered with the combo bet, the odds are heavily in your favor to win.

A hit on any part of the combo wager will move you closer to hitting your Target Coup and wrapping up another winning game!

However, sometimes this steady progress towards another win jumps through the roof on one spin!

That’s when you hit a Triple Win!

A Triple Win is a hit on all of the combo bets at once!  Instead of making a steady advance toward winning a coup, you will make a giant leap towards winning with this one win.  Often all it takes is one Triple Win to hit another winning coup!

Roulette players get very excited when they hit a win on a single number, which pays off at 35 to 1.

You are much more likely to hit a Triple Win than an individual number.  And, when you do, you are likely to wrap up another winning game in one spin!

Gain A Six Figure Income for the Rest of Your Life!

Imagine this.  You sleep late every morning.  After drinking a little coffee or juice you take a sw im in your pool.  You scan your computer for news and any interesting emails.  Now it’s time to go to work.

You log on to one of your three online casino accounts.  You pull up the roulette game and in less than two minutes you win your first coup.  You reset the system to its starting position and keep playing.

Almost before you realize it you have logged in an hour of play.  Your bankroll has gone up by $2,753.  You log off the game and instruct the casino to cut you a check for $2,500.  You’ll get the check in six days.

Tomorrow you will log on to a different account and repeat this process.

You check the clock.  It is now 10:53 am.  You have completed your work for the day.  Your plan is to play four times a week for about an hour a time.  This is enough to bring in $10,000 a week.

It took you a total of 63 minutes to reach your goal today.

Besides the thrill of being able to bring in large amounts of money on your own terms, the best thing about being a Triple-Win Roulette player is that your time is now your own.

This afternoon you will be looking at a 1958 Porsche 356 speedster that is for sale.  It is possibly the most impractical thing you could buy, but you have decided to buy it if it checks out mechanically.

You have done all of the right things.  You have paid off all of your debts including two mortgages and a slew of credit cards.

Your 401(k) plan is fully funded and you have contributed the maximum amount to your Roth IRA.

You have been buying houses for cash and renting them out. This is part of your long-term retirement plan.

You have done all of the responsible things that you are supposed to do when you are making $10,000 a week.

Now, it’s time for a little fun.  You are going to meet a friend at a great new seafood restaurant for lunch and then you are going to take a look at the Porsche.

This is just one version of success you can choose as a Triple-Win Roulette player.  Once you start bringing in $10,000 a week, every week, I am sure that you will think of lots of things you would like to do.

Like taking the super vacation you have never been able to afford.

Or, buying that sports car that you have always wanted but knew was out of your range.

But, first things first.  To get started on your new lifestyle you need to take the first step and download the Triple-Win Roulette Course for a No-Risk Trial.


You Won’t Find This Strategy on, at One of the “Free System” Sites, or in any Bookstore!

Let me get something off my chest.

Triple-Win Roulette is a one-of-a-kind system. 

It is not a rehash of another system.

It is not a variation of one of the classical roulette systems.

It is a not a system that requires you to do the impossible, like finding a biased roulette wheel.

It is exactly as I have described!

It was the product of a flash of inspiration that I have yet to understand.

It does use a unique three-bet combo wager, set up according to special rules.

It does have a hit rate of over 78% on every spin of the wheel.

It does have a long-term documented win rate of 94.73%

It does win at the highest win rate ever documented for a roulette system!

Now for the $64 question –

If it is so good, why am I releasing it?

That’s a good question.

I asked myself the same question after I created and perfected Triple-Win Roulette.

“Why bother to create a manual, set up a web site and deal with all the hassles of dealing with customers when all I have to do is play roulette a few hours a week?”

That’s a pretty good question.  And my answer may not stand up to cold hard logic.  With that warning, here’s my confession –

Over the years I have found that I really enjoy working with players on testing a system.

I actually enjoy the whole process of documenting thousands of games, analyzing results and sometimes having to make major changes in a system.

My reward is not the money I make but the experience of working with people who were often down on their luck and seeing the tremendous improvements that a proven money maker gives.

Working on Triple-Win Roulette has not only been very profitable, but it has also been very satisfying.  I have enjoyed the whole process of creating and testing an outstanding, never-before-seen, winning roulette strategy!

So, I am not going to keep this system just for myself.  Once I decided to have associates of mine help me test this system, I had already made a decision to let other people in on it.

Now, I am ready to take the next step.

I have decided to release this system to a few more people.  However, I am going to control who gets it and how many copies we release.


So Here’s The Deal For You –

If you act in time you can get a copy of Triple-Win Roulette, the system with the highest win rate ever documented!

However, I am strictly controlling who can access Triple-Win Roulette.  I reserve the right to refuse to sell this information to anyone who might jeopardize our ability to continue to profit from this system.

I am limiting the number of copies of Triple-Win Roulette.  Because of these restrictions, I may have to close this offer soon.  I am not trying to pressure you, I just want you to know that even though you currently have the chance to access this system, it is not an open offer to any and all.


It’s Your Turn to Gain the Benefits of Winning $10,000 a Week in a Relaxing and Enjoyable Way!

I work because I like to.  I enjoy a mix of running several businesses, trading securities and gambling for profit.  But, that’s just me.  I know that anytime I feel like it, I can quit these other activities and just play roulette a few hours a week.

There is no question whatsoever that I can win $10,000, $20,000 or even $25,000 or more every week using the Triple-Win Roulette System.

I have freedom of choice in what I do.  That’s one of the most important outcomes of learning how to win a fortune using the Triple-Win Roulette System!

If you decide to use this relaxing, yet ultra high-powered winning system, here’s just some of what I will teach you.  You’ll learn – 

  • How to get started with just $40 and rapidly build a bankroll of $10,000 or more. 

  • How to use the Triple-Win Combo bet to set up wagers that hit on 78% of all spins. 

  • How to use the power of winning coups to set up your own unstoppable winning machine! 

  • How to quickly turn $40 into a $10,000 a week winning system playing roulette no more than four hours a week! 

  • How to win in any roulette game in both land-based and online casinos!

But there’s much more.  What I have waiting for you is so much more than a book describing a system.  You’ll get – 

  • Complete examples of how to win with this system at all levels of play. 

  • A step-by-step, foolproof plan to start with just $40 and quickly grow your bankroll to the point where you are making $10,000 a week – spending less than four hours a week playing roulette! 

  • Examples of real games we played in real casinos.  You’ll discover exactly how our players win at the fastest rate ever measured for a roulette system! 

  • A complete manual covering everything you need to know to turn this strategy into your own personal high profit plan that you can use the rest of your life! 

  • Complete information on how to use the Triple-Win Combo bet to pull large winnings out of any roulette game! 

  • Complete instructions on how to win Coup after Coup, building up profits at record speeds, yet doing it safely and reliably! 

  • Exact instructions on how to win in both online and land-based games with recommended bets and time-tested rules guiding you every step of the way! 

  • How to “step up” your profits as you win using an approach proven to quickly propel you to winning thousands of dollars a day in a relaxing and 100% safe manner.


How Much Is An Income of $10,000 a Week Worth to You?

What is a system that has been completely verified and proven to work, worth to you?

How much should you pay for a bona fide “$10,000 a Week System?”

If we were talking about buying a business that threw off $10,000 a week in profits, you would be looking to pay over one million dollars to buy it.

If you decided to build your own $10,000 a week business, the sky’s the limit.

You might be able to pull it off for $50,000 or it might take ten times that amount to do it.

In terms of systems, you would have to pay at least $25,000 for a “$10,000 a Week System.”

We can come up with different numbers but one thing any CPA or financial advisor would agree on is that –

Any system which really makes $10,000 a week is worth a lot of money!

Think just a minute.  If you play roulette just four hours a week for twenty weeks a year, you are going to make $200,000 a year.  If you are willing to “work” a little longer you can make much, much more.  I think you would have to agree that $5,000 would be a very fair price since you could cover this cost with a couple of days winnings.

Fortunately, I am not going to charge you anywhere near $5,000 even though this strategy is clearly worth that much!

If you truly want to learn exactly how to turn $40 into $10,000 a week income and want a complete turnkey package to do it, then I am willing to do something that I wish someone had done for me.

My normal price for this record breaking roulette system is $499.97, which is a terrific bargain considering what you can make with this information.  But, I am going to stick my neck out and give you what may be the best opportunity you will ever have!



For the next few days I am making a limited offer.  If you order by , you’ll get the Complete Triple-Win Roulette Strategy Package for just $99.97 – 80% off the Regular Price!

This price is good only if you order in time.  If you order later, you will have to pay the regular price of $499.97. 

And, if we close the offer before we receive your order, you won’t be able to get it for any price!

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a Controlled and Restricted Offer.  I reserve the right to close it at any time and to restrict who may receive this information.


Eight Valuable Gifts If You Order By


Bonus #1 – How to Play Roulette Like a Pro (a $40 Value).   

You’ll learn the ins and outs of roulette play including extensive coverage of both the American and European versions of roulette.  Every roulette bet is covered in detail including how to make the bet and the payoffs.  Even if you are a roulette pro, you will find this manual an invaluable source of roulette facts!


Bonus #2 – Where to Play Roulette in the US (a $40 Value). 

You’ll get the names of the very best US land-based casinos for roulette play.   For each casino listed you’ll get complete information, such as its name, address, general telephone number, reservation number, toll free numbers, the number of rooms, room prices and the size of the casino. And, we really cover the US in this up-to-date directory.  Our select picks include casinos in –·       

Atlantic City



The Gulf Coast 


Lake Tahoe 

Downtown Las Vegas

Locals’ Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip Casinos



Native American casinos in the Midwest

Native American casinos in the Northeast

Native American casinos in the South and West

New Orleans


Shreveport-Bossier City


Tunica and Vicksburg  Plus, you’ll get our picks of the best cruise lines for roulette games and our pick of the best Caribbean roulette casinos .

If you want to play and prosper in a North American casino, in a Caribbean casino or on a cruise ship, this is the number one guide showing exactly where you must play!


Bonus #3 – The Number One Guide to Las Vegas Roulette! (a $40 Value).    

Las Vegas has more roulette tables than any other city in the world.  This guide will show you where they are.   The locations of the best roulette games are revealed.  This guide will give you the information you need to find and play the most profitable games in Las Vegas!


Bonus #4 – How to Play Online Roulette Like a Pro (a $40 Value).   

Online roulette play offers blistering profits if you know how to play online.  This manual takes you through all of the rules of online play for both American and European roulette.  You’ll learn everything from how to make corner and neighbor bets to how to place a Voisins du Zero wager. 


Bonus # 5 –Triple-Win Roulette’s Top Online Roulette Casinos (a $40 Value)

These are our top picks of the best online casinos.  We have played in all of these casinos and had outstanding results using Triple-Win Roulette!

Only the best made this list.

And, only casinos which were highly profitable made the final cut!

Then we cut the list of recommended casinos down even more!

If any of our players had had any problems whatsoever with the casino, we cut it from our list.  

We took a hard look at the type of software used in each casino.

We determined which software offered us the best chances of winning. 

We even compared notes on what it was like to deal with each casino.  

Could we get in touch with a real human being if we had a problem or a question?  

How fast did they answer emails?   

Could we talk to someone on the phone?  

In addition to winning in these casinos we also took a look at the “Quality” of our wins.   Were we able to win consistently?

How large were our wins?

And finally, we asked the million-dollar question –

When we won, how hard was it to get our winnings paid to us?

We didn’t cut the casinos any slack. Only the casinos which met or surpassed our requirements of high profitability, friendliness and absolute integrity are included in this hand-picked list of our number one picks!  

What's more, because my players and I have played there before you and have won and been paid, you can be very sure that when you play and win, you will be treated fairly and quickly have your winnings sent to you whenever you request them.

This is like no information ever compiled about online casinos before. It is a brutally honest review from the viewpoint of persons who must rely on these casinos to be 100% fair and honest in all of their dealings with players.  

And, they are the casinos that offer us the most profits using Triple-Win Roulette!

This information alone is priceless. But, it is my gift to you just for taking a look at this proven high performance strategy!


Bonus #6 – Triple-Win Roulette’s Select High Bet Level Online Casinos (an $80 Value).

There are a few High Limit or “High Roller” online casinos which offer roulette games with $500 or even higher betting limits.  We have several of our players who regularly play in these casinos and consistently win over $50,000 every week!   

Let me give you an example of why this information is critical if you want to move up to professional level online play –      

In an online game allowing $500 maximum bets you can make $14,144 an hour with Triple-Win Roulette!

This is obviously the big time as far as roulette play goes.  Once you have this exclusive insider information these kinds of winnings will be as close as your home computer.   Once you know the names of three of the top rated High Roller Casinos I am going to reveal to you, you can easily move up to the $50,000 a week plus income levels.  

One of these casinos will match your deposits 100% up to a maximum of $5,000.  Playing here is the easiest way I know to pick up a quick and easy $5,000!

Another of these casinos will accept wagers as high as $5,000 for roulette.  Play here and you can easily win $50,000 a week using Triple-Win Roulette!

The third casino is a favorite with US players offering because it offers generous bonuses and accepts just about any kind of action you like.

Best of all, all of the casinos are large enough that you can play and win with virtually no heat because you are a winner!

We are only offering this VIP Bonus Report for orders received by   

Grab your copy now!  


Bonus #7 –  Triple-Win Roulette’s Number One Online Roulette Casino (a $40 Value)

This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at online roulette. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

This casino offers the best online odds for roulette and is backed by one of the best online software companies. You won’t find any online roulette games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice playing more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real!

This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. The in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and roulette.  I know you will appreciate the difference.

This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. And, this casino is not in some third world country – it is headquartered in Canada. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one – I know you will like it!

You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play roulette using The Dominator Roulette Strategy, all of your play counts towards you earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program!

The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior roulette.  But, it also has a world renowned sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

You can pick up $500 Free at this casino. I thought I would save the best for last. What a great way to get started as a roulette entrepreneur. Just sign on here, win a bundle using Triple-Win Roulette. And pick up an extra $500 for your trouble. We’ll show you how!


Bonus #8 – Triple-Win Roulette’s $10,000 a Week Plan! (an $80 Value).

I’ve told you that you can easily turn $40 into $10,605 a week.  Now we are going to show you how to do it – one day at a time.

On your first day of play you’ll start with $40 playing in an online roulette game accepting bets ranging from $1 to $100.  We’ll show you where to play.  Your objective this first day is to play three hours and hit your first profit plateau.

On your second day you’ll increase your level of play.  Once again you will play for about three hours and lock up your second day’s profit.

On day three you’ll move up another notch, log in three hours play and then take another break.  If you want to stretch this out a little longer or take more breaks that strictly up to you.  You will be playing at your own rate as fast or as slow as you want!

Day four’s play will set you up to win $10,000 a week from now on.  By the end of day four you will have turned your $40 starting money into $16,000.  It’s time to celebrate.  Take out $10,000 and do whatever you want with it!

You’ll keep $6,000 as your permanent gambling bankroll.  This is much larger than you need to win $10,000 a week, but you goal is to achieve a permanent no-hassle $10,000 a week plan.  So, I’ll suggest you keep a little extra in reserve.

Now, you are ready.  You can make $10,000 (or a whole lot more) every week.

To make $10,000 you’ll need to play about four hours.

Want to make even more?

Eight hours play will get you $20,000 a week.

I’ll let you figure out how much you’ll net if you put in a hard 20-hour work week!

This plan is worked over and over for other players.  It has been proven to be absolutely foolproof!

That’s a quick outline of the plan.  If you get started today, four days from now you will be set for life!


100% Risk-Free Guarantee In Writing

Here’s your deal.  Try Triple-Win Roulette at home.  Try it in your favorite casino.  Test it any way you like. 

The Triple-Win Roulette Program comes with my complete “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Guarantee!

Instead of the typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have the opportunity to use and profit from this system as long you want.  What’s more, unlike some systems which require that you furnish proof that you lost, my guarantee has no conditions attached!

There are no time or condition restrictions to this guarantee!  You can ask for your money back for any reason or no reason at all. And, you can do it immediately, six months from now or even six years from now!

The only reason I can offer a Guarantee this strong is because I have 100% faith in this system.  Try it.  I know that you will love it!




You Can Really Win $10,000 a Week Playing Roulette!

Several people have told me that I am crazy to advertise that you can win $10,000 a week at roulette.

“It sounds too high.”

“People won’t believe it.

I refused to take their advice.  Everything in this report is true.

You really can get started winning with just $40 at risk.

And, you really will start out winning $186 an hour.

When I told you that you can easily win over $1,000 an hour in low-limit games, that’s true.

When I shared that most players learn this system in about 16 minutes, that’s true too.

I’ve shared the experiences of other players using this system.

I’ve told you about five-dollar bettors winning huge amounts in land-based roulette games.

I have shared a lot with you in this report and every bit of it is 100% true.

So, I’m not about to understate what you can do just because it sounds farfetched.

You really can start out with $40 and win over $10,000 as a Triple-Win Roulette player!


And, I will not only make this statement I’ll go a step further-

I am including the exact plan to turn $40 into $10,000 a week income in your Triple-Win Roulette package!

I am looking forward to hearing about your successes as a Triple-Win Roulette player!

Yours for turning $40 into a solid $10,000 a week income,


Martin J Silverthorne


P.S.  You may be thinking – “I already have a roulette system,” or “I really don’t like to play roulette that much.”

Even if you have a roulette system you like, you’ve got to experience the raw winning power of Triple-Win Roulette. I know that it is different from any system you have ever seen because I created it myself from scratch!

If you don’t like roulette it’s probably because you have never experienced the sheer exhilaration of winning with the world’s fastest winning system.  Even if you find roulette boring, you’ll love having the power to win $10,000 a week using just $40 to get started!


P.P.S.  I’ve told you that this system is easy to learn and use.  And, I’ve shared that you don’t need much money to use it.  I have also told you how profitable it is.  However, I have still left something out –

I haven’t told you what a blast it is to win with this system!

Because the wins come super fast, you will find that your bankroll is building at an unbelievably fast rate.

You’ll find your win rate blasting through $300 an hour to $500 an hour and even souring to $750 and $1,000 an hour at blinding speed.  And, once you get used to the thrill of winning so fast, reality will hit.  All of this money is yours to keep!


P.P.P.S   As much as I would like to make Triple-Win Roulette available to a lot of players, I just can’t.  I really don’t have to release this system at all.  I have made the decision to do a limited and restricted release.  However, once we reach our limit we are going to close this offer.  And, I am reserving the right to restrict access as I choose. 

My best advice is to try this system out under my 100% Risk-Free Guarantee In Writing.  If it isn’t everything I have said it is, then ask me for a refund.  You will promptly and courteously get your money back.

But, if I am right and this really is the world’s fastest winning roulette system, you will thank me every day for the rest of your life that you became a high-winning Triple-Win Roulette player!



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