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Do I need to know how to play baccarat to use your strategy?

You don’t need to know anything about baccarat, casinos or gambling to be highly successful using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.   This course is set up in a step-by-step format and assumes that you know nothing about baccarat, gambling online, or any other aspects of the strategy. If you already know how to play baccarat you can just skip the parts dealing with how to play the game.

How long will it take me to learn this strategy?  

If you are familiar with using the Internet and have at least some knowledge of baccarat, you can be online and winning a couple of hours after you download the course. If you don’t know a thing about using the Internet or playing baccarat, you will want to study my examples and take a little more time before you start playing. But, even if it takes you a couple of days to master this strategy, I am sure you’ll consider the payoff (being able to easily make $1,545 an hour) great compensation for a little study.

How much money do I need to use the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy?

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy’s bankroll requirements are very low.

You’ll only need a $20 Game Bankroll to get started playing online making $1 bets. You may be able to get by with as little as $10 since many online casinos will give you a $10 bonus just for signing on.

If you play in a land-based casino you will probably play in a game with $5 minimum bets.  Your Game Bankroll for this level of play is just $100.

How small are the minimum wagers in your strategy?

The smallest bets are $1 wagers. While you won’t find very many $1 games in land-based casinos, there are lots of online casinos offering $1 baccarat games. What’s more, even games played with $1 bets are very profitable for players using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy. Several of our players make $500 a day as $1 bettors.

How large are the largest bets in your strategy?  

The size of your largest bets depends on your level of play.  Obviously, players starting with $100 bets are going to have larger bets than $1 bettors.

So, let’s talk about the bet spread, the ratio between the smallest and largest bets at any level of play.

The ratio used by this strategy is very conservative – 1 to 5.  So –

If you make $1 base bets, your largest bet will be five times that, or $5.

Play with $10 base bets and your largest bet will be $50.

This bet spread is very low and is the chief reason the bankroll requirements are so low with this strategy.

What do I need to do to be able to play and win at baccarat online using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy?

You will need a way to get online so that you can log on to online casinos. And you need the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy course so that you will have a winning strategy. Add a notebook to keep records of your play, $60 start up capital, and you have everything you need to start playing and winning at online baccarat.


Can U.S. players still play online? I heard something about new gambling laws restricting U.S. players

You are probably referring to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 signed into law in October 2006. This act primarily applies to U.S. banks and credit card companies. Some online casinos have stopped accepting U.S. players, but most still do. We give you complete information on how U.S. players can play without restriction in The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy course, as well as naming casinos where U.S. players can play without any hassles or limitations.


How much can I really expect to make online using The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy?

How much you make depends on how fast you play, how long you play, and the size of your wagers. Online baccarat is ideal for The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy since the player pretty much controls the speed of the game, and it is easy to play faster games.

If you are fairly typical and are making $5 bets, then after playing a couple of days, you will be able to play fast enough online to make $309 an hour. This is based on the experiences of my students, and I believe that this is a very accurate estimate of what you will making online at this level.

Over time, you will play a little faster, and may play a little longer while making larger wagers. Let’s assume you are making $10 wagers and playing three hours a day at the typical speed for an experienced player. Average winnings at this level are $618 an hour, so that three hours a day will net you $1,853 for a day’s work. If you play five days a week, you’ll make $9,270 weekly.

Does this system work in real (land-based) casinos? I really need a strategy to use when I visit Las Vegas.

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is a great strategy for play in “brick and mortar” casino.  In fact, since baccarat is a game with high betting limits, you can make a very high income using this strategy in a higher betting limit baccarat game.

Like some examples?

If you play with $25 bets, you’ll average making over $300 an hour.

Move up to $100 bets and your winnings average $1,240 an hour. If you play ten hours a week, making $100 base bets, you’ll make over $12,000 a week.

And, you can go even higher in land-based games.  A $500 bettor will pull in over $6,000 an hour in net profits. 

All of these amounts are Net Winnings, with the infrequent losing game deducted.  And, these amounts are based on documented play for 3,497 games!

How safe is it to play baccarat online? I have heard about people getting cheated

I have logged in thousands of hours of online play and I have never been defrauded. My students have spent thousands of hours more playing online and their experiences are positive. While there are some dishonest operators out there, you won’t find them in the list of prequalified casinos that come with The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy Course. You can confidently play in any of these casinos knowing that if you do have a question, you can reach them 24/7 by email or telephone.

What’s more, we have checked out every aspect of these casinos including playing and withdrawing winnings from them so that you can play in any of them with great confidence.


Does your system entail table casing or sitting out decisions waiting for a “signal” to make a bet?

No table casing is needed with this strategy.  For play in a land-based game you can sit down and start playing any time a game is in process.  Online it is the same thing.  Sign on to a casino where you have an account and start playing baccarat.

You will also make a wager for every hand of play.  You won’t be sitting out hands waiting for some signal.  I have a very poor opinion of systems using this approach.  I mean, what are they waiting for?


Do I have to have a good memory to use this strategy?

No.  This strategy is very straight forward.  Plus, the course comes with the ultimate tool for winning – the Master Bet Controller.

All you have to do is set up the Controller for your level of play and then follow it for every play. 

How often does this strategy lose?  

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is a very safe strategy with small and infrequent losses. Its documented win rate is 97.14%.

Another way of saying this is that your loss rate is just 2.86% of the games played. 

This works out to losing one out of every 35 games played.

If you like looking at numbers, let’s consider what a $25 bettor would face-

He would win an average of $171 for each winning game.  His average loss, occurring just once in every 35 games, would be $407.  There is a table in the main report showing how this works out very favorably for the player.


Is this strategy consistent? I bought a different strategy that never won enough to overcome its losses.

Unlike other strategies, the profits made using The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy are very consistent. It is because of its consistency that I can give you reliable estimates of how much you will make an hour with this strategy.


Do I have to memorize a bunch of rules to use this strategy?

You will have to learn some rules to play the strategy correctly.  The manual is set up so that you progress one step at a time with many examples.

You will learn where to place each bet first.  This is followed by our unique way of determining the size of each bet.

Then both sides of the strategy are combined with the best money-management rules ever devised.

The result is a very high-powered strategy that is very reliable.

And, you will get the Master Bet Controller with the course.  Using it is the closest thing to putting your play on “auto pilot.”


Why does this strategy work better than other gambling  strategies?

The biggest difference between this strategy and other strategies lies in how the strategies were developed.

Most strategies are just rehashes of strategies that have been around a long time.  You will find supposedly new strategies that are really just versions of Martingale progressions, the cancellation system, parlays, the d’Alembert betting method and so on. 

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is not like any other gambling strategy.

Its method of placing each bet is based on the MBP Strategy, which was “borrowed” from a successful stock trading system.

Bet sizing, which is a fancy way of saying how much you bet each time you wager is really outstanding in this strategy.  Probably the greatest advantage of using this strategy is that your bets will never grow too large.  As a $5 bettor, you will never wager more than $25.

And, as a result of keeping your bets low, the bankroll requirements are also low.  While many systems ask that even $5 bettors buy in for $250 or $300, with The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy your buy-in is only $100.

In fact, for $500 you can play with $25 chips.  And, if you play online at this level, you will bring in average Net Winnings (all losses deducted) of $1,545 an hour!

Does this strategy work with all versions of baccarat?

Yes.  This strategy works at both mini-baccarat and the large table games in land-based casinos.

And, it wins like crazy in the online casinos’ baccarat games.

Plus, baccarat is a very simple game to learn.  With the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy, you will always bet on either the player or the banker hand.  This is no more difficult than betting heads or tails in a coin-tossing contest.  Since all versions of baccarat use the same rules, this strategy is a universal winning strategy for baccarat play.


Why is this strategy better for playing online baccarat than other strategies?

First, this strategy is easy to use.  I believe that anyone can learn this strategy in a very short amount of time and then go on to win large amounts.  This was my experience when I taught a group of people with no background in gambling to use the strategy.  Every one of these players was a winner.

Second, the bankroll requirements are very low.  You can get started online for just $10.  And, you can make $62 an hour off your $10 bankroll.  I’ll show you how.

Third, this strategy is very reliable and produces consistent profits.  If your main goal is to win and win a lot of money very consistently, you won’t go wrong with
The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.

Finally, you can use the Master Bet Controller when you play online.  It will make all of your betting decisions for you.

I believe that using this strategy is the easiest way ever devised to make money at home using your computer. 


How hard is it to find online casinos where I can use the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy and win?

If you had to start from scratch, it would take you quite some time to assemble a list of reliable online casinos that meet our tough requirements.

We go through a lengthy process to qualify an online casino. 

Its games have to be fair.

It has to have a responsive and knowledgeable support staff.

It has to offer a number of ways to transfer money in and out.

And, it has to accept play from US players.

There are a number of other requirements that we insist on, such as the quality and integrity of its software and the ability to play for free in “practice mode.”

As part of this course you will get the names and Internet addresses of the same online casinos where we play and prosper.

Finding an online casino where you can safely play and win has never been easier!

How do I know that gambling online is safe? Isn’t it in fact very risky?

Online gambling is not as risky as many people fear. If a casino tries to cheat or play hardball with a few players, the news is rapidly spread over the Internet with the result that few new players will sign up and eventually the casino will close.

We have come up with a list of prescreened online casinos that offer safety, the ability to play for free in practice mode, are audited and licensed, use the best software to power their casinos and can be contacted in multiple ways (such as email, telephone and fax) 24/7.

What’s more, not only are these casinos safe and reliable, they are the target casinos where you can use the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy, win and get paid with great ease.


How do I know that your claims about The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy are real?

If you haven’t done so, you should read some of the success stories of people much like you who are using The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy successfully.

Some of these players are men, some are women. They are of varied ages. Some are retired, others are barely starting their careers. Some were experienced gamblers before they starting using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy; most were not.

What they have in common is that regardless of their age, sex, experience or lack of experience, they use The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy to bring in profits on a consistent basis.

As a practical person, I think the experiences of these other players is probably the best predictor of how you will do with the strategy.

If you are interested in the theory behind the strategy, you’ll get that too in the course.

If you are still very skeptical, I am offering a 100% No-Nonsense Guarantee. If, even with this guarantee, you are still fearful of losing money, I will show you how to play for free in practice mode. This way, you can totally assure yourself that this strategy is real and performs just the way I have shared with you before you risk one penny.

Why are you selling this system? Why not just keep it for yourself?

When I first starting doing the testing and research that ultimately resulted in the development of the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy selling a system was the last thing on my mind. My major objective was to develop a superior baccarat system for my use and then share it with some of my associates.

But, it’s funny how one thing leads to another, often with unforeseen consequences. As a result of working with a number of people to develop and perfect this strategy, I taught this strategy to a group of people. I found that not only was the feedback and insights from others invaluable to me, but that I enjoyed working together with a group of people sharing common goals.

Finally, after the strategy had been perfected, I decided to share this strategy with a few hundred more people. There are so many casinos offering baccarat that a few hundred knowledgeable players able to play and win at baccarat will probably be under the casinos’ radar.

So, in offering you a chance to join our group of students, I believe that we are both participating in a win-win situation. I have the chance to share my strategy with a few more hand-picked players, and you have the opportunity to learn a high profit virtually foolproof way to make a lot of money.

Will I be banned from playing baccarat if I win too much using your strategy?

To date, none of my players nor I have been banned from playing because we were winning.

And, there is really no reason to ever get banned. I recommend that you spread your play around rather than playing in just one or two casinos. This reduces the risk of overplaying in any one casino. Here’s one way to do this with online play-

Start playing in one casino and build up some winnings. Withdraw some but not all of your winnings and set up another account in another casino in the same software family. This way you will continue to play the same strategy, but with a different casino.

After building up some winnings in the second casino, go to the third one and repeat the process. Just be sure to leave a small amount on deposit in the first and second casinos. Here’s why –

After your account has been dormant in the first casino where you played for a week or so the casino will probably offer you a cash bonus to give them some more play. Now, you can pull profits from the third casino and resume playing in the first casino and grab your bonus.

Soon, the second casino will probably offer you a cash bonus to return. You rotate your play back to this casino and pick up another bonus.

By rotating your play from one casino to another, you not only spread the risk, but you entice the casinos into offering you even more to lure you back. And, these cash bonuses will add even more to your profits.

With play in land-based casinos you should pick two good casinos and then mostly play in them.  When you do this, you can end up being showered with casino comps, including everything from free rooms, food and beverages and even transportation.  The course will show you how to work the system.


How does your guarantee work?

My guarantee is designed to completely protect you and give you a chance to try out The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy on a risk-free basis.

Here’s how it works –

You order the course online and download it as soon as your order is approved. Now you can examine the course at your leisure.

You can read it and try it out. I suggest you try it in "practice mode" so that you can see how it performs without risking any money.

In fact, you can test and use the strategy any way you like.

You can use it to beat baccarat in online casinos.

You can win at baccarat in land-based casinos. In Las Vegas. Or, Atlantic City. Or, in any of the Native American casinos.

You can play and win in the baccarat games on cruise ships.

Now, here’s the really good part. If you are unhappy with The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy Course for any reason, just send me an email and I will refund your purchase price. And, I will do it quickly and courteously.

You will have up to a FULL YEAR to evaluate and use this powerful strategy with No Risk.

No other course, method, strategy, business opportunity, gambling system or stock or futures system comes with a guarantee this strong. That’s because no one else is as confident in your success as I am.

What do I do if I order this strategy and I don’t like it 

If you order the strategy and for any reason you don’t like it, just email me for a prompt and courteous refund.


How do I get started if I don’t have any money? 

One of the things that my students like the best about The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is the ability to start playing with almost no money and rapidly grow a bankroll out of their profits.

You can start playing online with just $10 and be assured that in a very short time period, you will have built up profits of over $1,000. Now that you are playing with casino winnings, you can easily increase the size of your wagers so that your winnings grow even faster.

By gradually increasing the size of your wagers as your winnings grow, you can quickly and easily move to the level of play where you are making over $1,500 an hour online.

Below I have listed the amounts needed to play a game of baccarat and the documented hourly win rates for different levels of play using this strategy –


Expected Hourly Win Rates at
Various Levels and Speeds of Play




Base Bet    

Game Bankroll

  Land-Based Play
60 Hands per hour     

 Online Play
300 Hands per hour   






























































How much can I win with your strategy?

My students and I have proven that you can make a lot of money with the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.

How much you make depends on how often you play, how fast you play and your level of play. Simply stated, if you put in more time, you will make more than someone who spends less time playing. Likewise, if you are a faster player, you will play more rounds of baccarat per hour and have a higher win rate. And, larger betting will get you larger profits for the same effort.

Let’s assume that you are a $5 bettor, playing at a typical rate of speed on online casinos.

If you play ten hours a week, you should average net winnings (profits) of $3,090.

On a yearly basis, you would be bringing in about $154,500 (for 50 weeks play).

If you decided to put in 25 hours a week at this same betting level, you would bring in $7,725 a week with yearly profits of $386,250.

And, if this level of profits is not enough, all you have to do is move your betting up a couple of levels and become a $25 bettor.

As a $25 player, your average Net Win per hour of play will be $1,545.

While these are phenomenal amounts you can do even better in the land-based games.  Even though these games are played at a slower rate, the betting limits are much higher.

For example, if you play with $500 base bets in a land-based game, your Net Winnings (net of all losses) will be $6,180 an hour. 

Don’t let the high bets scare you.  The course comes with a complete plan you can use to rapidly build your bankroll out of your winnings. 


How fast can I multiply my profits?

You can multiply your profits very quickly using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.  Many of my students playing online started as $1 bettors and in a couple of weeks moved up to become $10 bettors. They accomplished this very easily by allowing their profits to grow their bankroll and then increasing their betting levels as their profits piled up.

Using this same approach, you can grow from $1 betting to $25 betting in less than two weeks.  Continuing this process, you can become a $100 bettor in less than a month.. And, at this level, the profits are pretty exciting, with our documented hourly winnings for online play at this level of $6,180 an hour.

How much help do you offer on building my bankroll?

We have developed a complete plan that you can use to rapidly build a $100,000 bankroll.

If you follow this plan in land-based games you can grow a $300 bankroll to $100,000 in 38 hours of play!

Online is even quicker.  Starting as a $1 bettor (and you can start with just $10 at risk) you can grow your bankroll to $100,000 in just 14 hours.

What is really remarkable with this plan is that even though you can build a $100,000 bankroll very quickly, you will do it with very low risk because of the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy’s  97.14% win rate.


Is it really possible to quit work and play your system professionally 

Yes. Not only is it possible, but it is a very feasible option. Several of my students have quit their jobs and now play baccarat exclusively. The benefits of playing baccarat professionally are so great that they couldn’t resist the chance to drop the drudgery of a job for the freedom of playing baccarat just a few hours a week and bringing in much more than they ever made at their former jobs.

If you order this course right now, you’ll get a Special Extra Bonus manual revealing a foolproof, 100% tested and proven way to make $10,000 a week playing baccarat.


I am not a gambler and I haven’t had much luck with business opportunities. Why should I try the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy?

If you want an easy and very reliable way to make money from your own home, you won’t find a better opportunity than using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.

The benefits of going this way are numerous –

  • You can get started with almost no investment.

  • Everything you need to know comes in a complete course you can download instantly.


  • The course is complete right down to listing the casinos where you will play and win (we reveal where we play and win).

  • You can try the strategy risk free and even play online in practice mode.


You even get two fabulous money making plans –

  • How to turn $20 into $100,000 and

  • How to set up your own $10,000 a week money machine!

Plus this course comes with a complete "No Nonsense Guarantee” and my unprecedented “$25,000 Certificate of Performance.”

Trying the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy has got to be one of the safest ways ever created to make a lot of money with almost no downside.

What’s more, everything you are reading about this strategy is 100% true and backed up by the documented play from 3,397 games.

You can be assured that the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a consistent and very profitable strategy.


I am apprehensive about playing in an online casino. What guidance do you provide?

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy course is very thorough and will give you complete step-by-step guidance to playing online.

You’ll learn –

  • The minimum specifications for the computer you use for online play.

  • The type of Internet Connection to use.

  • Complete information about how to get starting playing online, including how to download and install software, information on playing baccarat online and detailed information on picking an online casino.

  • How to cope with restrictions on U.S. players because of recent anti-gambling legislation.

  • The different deposit and payment options and which online banking company is ranked head and shoulders above all of the others.

  • What to do if you ever have a complaint or problem.

What’s more, the complete Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is set up in an easy-to-use format so that you can easily print out parts of the manual and refer to them as you play online.

However, even though the manual you will download is very easy to use and follow, you can email us if you have questions about the strategy, online casinos, or anything else.

We also give you the exact steps you can use to try out this strategy with no money risked. This course is so complete with examples and step-by-step procedures that one of my students said, "This is by far the easiest way to make money I have even seen!"

And, on top of all this, the Master Bet Controller comes with this course.  It will guide your play.  One student said that using it was just like having an instructor with you.

And, if for any reason you are not 100% delighted with this course, you have my unprecedented Guarantee of your complete satisfaction, backed by the certainty of a complete refund anytime you decide to ask for one.

What I really want is a winning baccarat strategy I can use on vacations. Will the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy work for this use?

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is an excellent strategy for use on vacations.

Since this is a “hit and run” strategy which creates quick wins, it is perfect for picking up a nice win in less than an hour.

What’s more, you can use it wherever you want to play baccarat on a vacation –

Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Tunica, Mississippi, or anywhere baccarat is offered.

It also works well in the baccarat  games offered on cruise ships as well as the international baccarat games.


I am impressed with what I read. What will I have to do to make at least $5,000 a week, so that I can quit my job?

It is surprisingly easy to make $5,000 a week using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.

The easiest way to do this is to play baccarat online from the comfort of your home. As a $10 player your net winnings will average $618 an hour.  Eight hours a week of online play will net you $5,000 a week in profits.

If you prefer to play in land-based casinos, you can easily make $5,000 a week.  However, your average hourly winnings will be less at the same level of play than in online casinos, as the land-based games are slower.

For example, as a $100 bettor you will average making $1,236 an hour playing in a land-based game.  Four hours a week of play will net you $5,000 a week.

Just so you are clear on these amounts – they come from the results of thousands of documented games played and are net of all losses. They represent the net amounts that an average player will make.


How much are your students making with this strategy? Please, no hype, just facts.

To answer your question, I reviewed some of my files filled with comments and stories from my students using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy –

  • Lois B. lives in Bakersfield, California.  She followed the “$10,000 a Week Plan” included in the course.  She says, “I am starting my third month of making $10,000 or more every week.”

  • Jon S., from Minneapolis, Minnesota, won $38,000 playing baccarat on a trip to Las Vegas.

  • Stan W. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, followed our $100,000 plan and in three weeks made $100,000 from using the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.

  • Morris B. plays in the casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Like Lois B he makes $10,000 a week.  He just tendered his notice at his job, saying “There is so much more money in playing baccarat that I couldn’t resist.”

  • Robert P. from Waterbury, Connecticut, writes, “So far I am up over $73,000 using your methods.  I just came back from a trip to Atlantic City and it was profitable – over $27,000 more in profits.”

  • Lee C. from Rockford, Illinois, followed the $100,000 plan and in nine days went from $100 to $102,012 playing online.

  • Milt V. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, makes $2,500 a day and always hits his goal of winning $10,000 a week!

I could go on and on. I suggest you read some of the stories from my students on this web site.


Why is your system better than other systems available?

The Ultimate Baccarat Strategy produces consistent profits and is easy to learn and use. These facts alone separate it from other systems out there.

The reason the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy performs so much better than other strategies is that it was specifically optimized for baccarat.

It uses the Master Bet Placement Strategy to determine where to place each bet.  This strategy is a scientifically derived betting model that actually anticipates the next baccarat decision. 

The amount of each bet is determined by the unerringly accurate Master Bet Sizing Strategy, which automatically adjusts bet sizes to ever changing table conditions.

In addition to the power of the MBP and MBS Strategies, the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy has one of the smallest bankroll requirements of any system ever created!

As proof of its success I offer its outstanding win rate of 97.14% of all games.

When you consider not only the high profits it makes but consider that it is easy to learn and use and takes almost no money to get started, the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy ranks far ahead of any other baccarat system, method or strategy.


There are several books on how to win at gambling in my local bookstore. Some of them sell for only $15 to $20. Why is yours so expensive?

I have many gambling books on my bookshelf. Many of them are quite entertaining, especially the ones detailing the exploits of the author and his associates playing in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

For blackjack, many of these books teach elaborate card counting systems, which can take up to six months of daily practice to master.

The craps books often contain great stories of the author’s craps adventures with little practical advice.

And baccarat – you won’t find much.

A few of these books offer the author’s pet gambling systems. If you are interested in winning, as I am, I suggest that you buy a number of these books. As a minimum you’ll find some great gambling stories. What you won’t find, however, is a viable winning baccarat strategy that is easy to learn and use and is consistently profitable like the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy. 

When you are tired of being entertained and are ready to start making some real money gambling, just set the bookstore books aside and start reading the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.  You’ll quickly discover why one of my student’s said this strategy is the best moneymaker ever!


How do I know that your strategy is any better than some of the free gambling systems available online?

You don’t know that my strategy is any better than one of the free strategies unless you try them and compare the results.

That is just what I suggest you do. Pick one, two, or even three or more other gambling strategies.

Try them in the practice mode in an online casino so that you don’t risk any real money. You’ll quickly discover whether the strategies are any good. And, don’t forget to write down the results of your practice play.

Now order the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy and try it in practice mode. Compare the results. I will be totally surprised if you don’t immediately see why my strategy is far superior to anything else out there. All you have to do is compare the profits you will make with the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy and the losses you will undoubtedly have with the Brand X strategies.

Then, if for any reason you aren’t convinced that the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy is more reliable and much more profitable than the other strategies, just email me and ask for a refund.

But, I am willing to wager that once you have the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy in your hands and see how much you can make using it, you will realize that this strategy would be a bargain even if I charged ten times as much for it.


I have bought several gambling books over the years. Why should I buy yours too?

Let me answer your question by asking a question. Are you making high profits with one of the strategies you learned from these books 

If you are, then perhaps you don’t need my strategy. I probably have more gambling books in my library than anyone I know, and I am very familiar with just about every gambling system or strategy ever published. I don’t know of a single strategy that will out perform the Ultimate Baccarat Strategy.   If you have found one, then by all means stick with it.

However, if you are not making high profits consistently using one of these other gambling strategies, then maybe you should consider taking a look at my strategy.

Since you can do it on a risk-free basis, all you really risk is a little time. And, if I am right and this strategy performs the way I have told you, then you will gain a lifetime source of high profits for very little additional effort.





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