The Proof Is In – 

The Power Poker Strategy is the World’s Most Profitable Poker Strategy!

When You Use It, You’ll Easily Win $5,270 a Weekend Playing Poker in Your Favorite Casino!

Even as a $1 Bettor, You’ll Make $1,682 an Hour Playing Poker Online!

If you know anything about poker, then this is the one poker strategy that will give you very high winnings very consistently.

Even if you don’t know a flush from a full house, it doesn’t matter.  You’ll master this proven strategy in less than an hour.   And, you’ll be on your way to winning a fortune!

Developed for Three Card Poker, the Power Poker Strategy Provides Steady Predictable Hourly Winnings With Frequent Jackpot Like Wins of $5,000 an Hour or More

If you are ready to learn the easiest way to make huge amounts of money with a proven strategy that beats any other poker system, gambling strategy,  MLM scheme or even running a business, then you must read on –


“I am winning a lot of money with the Power Poker Strategy.  I play in a local casino two days a week and then play four or five sessions a week online. 

“I easily clear over $11,000 a week. 

“This is by far the best poker strategy ever.  Thanks for letting me in on it.”

Glen A. – Las Vegas, Nevada


From:  Greg Fletcher
11:07 PM 

Dear Friend,

Are you a frustrated poker player? 

Are you tired of the ups and downs and major setbacks of trying to make any money playing poker?

Even if you aren’t a poker player, but would like to learn a 100% proven way to make lots of money quickly and with a proven record of success, then you must read on.

There is no question that the Power Poker Strategy is a much better money-maker than anything you have ever tried.

It is far superior to any of the conventional poker systems.

It beats any business opportunity ever offered.

It is superior to stock market trading systems.

And, the best part is that it is not only easy to learn, but takes almost no money to get started!  If you can spare $100 then you have what it takes to set up your own poker-based wealth machine!

If you are like me, you are pretty skeptical of anyone promising an easy way to make money.  Most of the time these schemes are neither easy nor do they make money for anyone other than the promoter.  That’s why I am going to furnish you lots of proof that everything in this report is 100% true and well documented.

What’s more, I will back up everything with hard evidence.  We have played thousands of hours using this strategy and there is no question that it is a very powerful and consistent way to make lots of money almost effortlessly.

I am going to share with you our extraordinary discovery of how to beat Three Card Poker using the awesome strength of the Power Poker Strategy!


“I love playing poker but have never been a consistent winner until I switched games to Three Card Poker.  Using your strategy I have started making some real money. 

“I cleared over $21,000 last month using the Power Poker Strategy and in the past nine days I am up another $11,200.

 “Your strategy is the best poker system ever created.  Thanks again.”

Jay H. -  Westlake, Louisiana


Developed for Three Card Poker, the Power Poker Strategy Throws Off Winnings Like Crazy 

Three Card Poker is sweeping the nation.  You will see this popular table game in just about every casino these days and for good reason.   It is a fun, fast game with good odds and a relatively low house advantage.

I’ll tell you more about this game a little later.  The critical thing to know is when you use the amazing new Power Poker Strategy at this game, you will pull in winnings faster and safer than you can in any other game, investment or business.

Here are some examples of what you can expect when you use this strategy – 

  • You will be able to play and win in any of hundreds of online casinos offering this game.  We have played thousands of documented games which prove that you can pull in $279 in pure profits in less than ten minutes playing online. 

  • You can use this strategy to make playing poker your primary business.  And, unlike other poker players, you will have a steady income of at least $5,000 to $10,000 every week!

  • If you like playing in land-based casinos, you will love this strategy.  Five-dollar bettors using this strategy are averaging $751 an hour in pure profits! (Documented winnings.)

  • As a Power Poker Player you will experience steady, reliable hourly winnings with frequent jackpot like wins of $2,500 to $5,000.

The Proof Is In -

The Power Poker Strategy Beats Every Other Poker Strategy Ever Devised!

One of the reasons that the Power Poker Strategy is the champion of poker strategies is that it produces consistent high winnings every time you play!

Here’s why –

The Power Poker Strategy is a strategy that automatically adjusts your play to the flow of the poker game.  There is no guessing about when to raise, how much to bet or when to fold.  Every move you make to win a fortune at poker has been perfected by us playing millions of hands of poker.

The Power Poker Strategy literally tames the game of poker!  

Winnings from most poker games are very volatile.  Simply stated, this means your wins and losses will be very erratic.  As a result, you will win one hour followed by two hours of losses.

This is the norm of playing poker.  It doesn’t matter how good you are; you are going to experience constant ups and downs in your play. 

And, this can wreak havoc on your bankroll!

If you decide to make a living playing poker, you will need to have an iron-like will to withstand the constant pressure.

You will never be able to count on a single winning day.  Some days you will win and others you will lose.

You will have losing weeks followed by losing months.

It is not unusual for poker pros to even have losing years.

This may be okay for some people, but I can’t stand to risk my money in any game that is this erratic.

I am admitting upfront that while I may enjoy an occasional poker game I would never consider the game as a serious money-maker.  There is simply too much left to chance.

“I have been using the Power Poker Strategy for six weeks.  I play strictly online and I have had great results.

“My goal is to make $2,000 a day and I usually hit it after 2 to 2 ½ hours play.  Before I learned your strategy I played in various poker rooms with mixed success.

“In my opinion, if your goal is consistent profits with minimum hassle, then this strategy is the clear winner!”

Don L. – Hennepin, Illinois

The Power Poker Strategy Has a Powerful “Secret Weapon”

The Power Poker Strategy has a secret weapon built into it that no other poker strategy has.

And, that’s the amazing Power Number!

The Power Number calms the normal ups and downs of poker play.  Once your discover just how powerful this concept is, you will wonder how you ever played without it!

Each three card poker game has its own Power Number.  Knowing the Power Number for your game is critical to your success and will turn you into a consistent winner.

  Once you know the Power Number, you will be able to –

  • Set and reach consistent win goals for your level of play.

  • Win preplanned amounts hour after hour with great consistency.

  • Be able to lock-up profits as you play and then continue playing with zero risk of losing.

  • Have an automatic signal when it is time to pull off of a losing game.

  • Know when to increase or reduce the size of your wagers.

There is no question that once you gain the secret of the Power Number you will turn the game of poker into a controlled source of regular profits with occasional jackpot like wins!

When You Use the Power Poker Strategy With the Amazing Power Number You Will Become a Huge Poker Winner!

The Power Number is the key to the incredible consistency of your winnings using the Power Poker Strategy.

Once you learn the Power Number for each session of poker, you will be able to do what no other poker strategy has ever done –

You will have tamed poker.

Knowing the Power Number for your game of poker is the key missing ingredient that prevents most players from being successful.

“I never played poker in a casino before I got your Power Poker course.  Now I play three card poker two to three days a week at the Argosy Casino and I am doing real well.

“I followed your plan to make $1,000 a day and I am happy to tell you I am doing much better than that.  I averaged over $2,300 per day of play last month."

Mike L. -  Lawrenceburg, Illinois


How I Got Started on My Journey to Poker Riches

My name is Greg Fletcher.  My background is in trading stocks, ETFs and commodity futures contracts.  I have learned that the key to successful trading is to follow the trend, plan every trade and then to always limit losses.

With my approach to trading, if even 40% of my trades are profitable I will make a large amount of money because my profits are always much larger than my losses.

For the past several years I have worked on my own as an independent trader.  With my high, consistent trading profits I have had the time and money to pursue many other interests.

One of these interests is poker.  I spent over two years devoting a lot of my time to playing poker.

I have played in more poker rooms than I care to remember.

 I have spent countless hours playing poker online.

Playing poker is always good for bragging rights.  It sounds macho to be a poker player.  Most people are envious if you tell them you play poker for a living.

The reality is quite different from what the non-players think –

Playing poker is very time consuming.  You will spend a lot of time sitting in uncomfortable surroundings, under a lot of pressure to perform.

You will also spend a lot of time with people you wouldn’t normally associate with.  Poker tournaments are especially prone to attract some of the crudest, rudest people on earth.

Online play is not much better.  You will spend most evenings playing online because that’s when most people play.  If you have an active social life, you can just forget it.  You won’t have the time for a social life because you will be playing poker.

You will have to have a sizable bankroll to survive.  You can pretty much forget about starting from scratch with a few dollars.  In today’s poker world you had better have a sizable bankroll or you won’t last a month. 

You will have to withstand long periods of losing.  My longest losing streak was just three weeks and it just about drove me crazy.  But I know pros who have had losing streaks lasting months and even years.  Believe me, they are not having fun!

You will have to endure great fluctuations in your bankroll.  You may be up $5,000 one week and down $7,000 the next.  If you have the bankroll and the stomach for this you may be alright.  But, I have seen many very tough players who just couldn’t handle the ups and downs and the constant highs and lows of play.

Here is Another Factor I Want to Mention Because It Has Become So Common –

You will have to play with hoards of inexperienced players.
  Now you may be thinking that this is to your advantage.  As a pro, you’ll just take money from them.

Not so fast.  Sometimes you will be able to beat them and other times their play will be so unpredictable that they are able to steal pots.  And, unfortunately, more and more players have become very unpleasant to be around.

I have seen players shouting at each other and even one player who decked the dealer.

Winning at conventional poker is very similar to winning at blackjack using card counting.  It requires 100% dedication, long hours of play, sometimes with the scum of the earth sitting next to you.  And, you will need a very deep bankroll.

Unfortunately, winning at any of the popular poker games, whether it is Texas Hold’Em, Omaha Hi and Hilo, Five Card or Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hilo or a host of other poker games, boils down to a lot of luck, the right breaks, being at the right place at the right time and a sizable bankroll.

No one tells you about this.  You see championship poker tournaments on TV where winners rake in huge amounts.  What about the thousands who consistently lose at poker?

Winning a  bundle playing poker the conventional way is a lot like dreaming to be an NBA star.  Only a handful of thousands of the talented basketball players ever make it each year.

 Many of the others are left disillusioned and many times just plain beaten.  They have expended Herculean efforts and many years of their lives to become just another “pretty good” basketball player.

Unfortunately, the payoffs for pretty good basketball players as well as pretty good poker players are not so good.


“I will never go back to playing poker the same way again.  The Power Poker Strategy has it over anything else out there.

“I just finished my first month using this strategy and my net was $31,500.  I have never even come close to making this much playing poker before.

“Your method is vastly superior to any of those other ‘super systems.’  I heartily recommend it!”

Art S. – Denver, Colorado



The Biggest Problem With Playing Poker the Conventional Way Is the Lack of Consistent Winnings

As a successful stock and commodities trader I am used to quantifying and measuring the results of my trades.  I can tell you that trading using this particular set up produces average profits of 5.4% per trade.  I can prove to you that using certain systems will produce average returns of 38% to 61% a year.

But, with conventional poker, anything can happen.  On a given night any player can beat any other player.  If you are going to play this game, you have to learn to live with this.

After a couple of very frustrating years playing conventional poker, I knew that there had to be a better way to play. 

Why Three Card Poker is My Game of Choice For Making High Profits

Unlike other poker games, Three Card Poker offers some considerable advantages. 

You strictly play against the dealer rather than other players.  This removes a lot of the uncontrollable aspects of regular poker, such as dealing with loud mouthed ignorant players who spoil the game for everyone else.

But, there are even more advantages to learning to play and win at Three Card Poker

The game is very easy to learn.

It is fast and fun to play.

It has great house odds.

And, it offers bonus payoffs as high as 40 to 1.

With Three Card Poker a player will play (raise) about 67% of the time.  Using the Power Poker Strategy you will be in the action every round of play.

Three Card Poker is based on standard poker rules.  If you have ever played poker, you will know the hands.  If not, you can learn them in less than ten minutes!


“Your poker system is the best.  I have been playing poker online for over a year.  Just like you I experienced lots of ups and downs.  I spent most of my evenings in online poker rooms and I lost any social life.

“Now, I play tri-card poker (Ed note; tri-card poker is the name used for three card poker by most online casinos) only when I feel like it.  I set up a weekly profit goal of $10,000 and I have followed your plan.

“I am happy to report that my profits have exceeded $10,000 a week every week except one, when I took the week off for a much needed vacation.

“I will never go back to the poker rooms.  Your method is better.”

Tom M. – Calgary, Canada


However, the Number One Reason to Play Three Card Poker is That You Can Win a Fortune at This Game!

Even though Three Card Poker offered tremendous advantages over playing conventional poker, that was still not reason enough for me to take up the game.

Remember, as a successful trader I measure the success of any strategy in terms of numbers and profits.

With standard poker, there is very little consistency.   Wins are followed by losses.  Winning days are followed by losing weeks.  For a numbers guy looking for consistency, the game becomes more of a nightmare than a reliable source of profits.

However, when you play Three Card Poker using the Power Poker Strategy an amazing thing happens.  Once you know the Power Number for the game you are playing, everything falls into place.

Instead of a volatile game with little predictability, you will have a game that becomes very controllable and become a reliable source of profits!

When you use the Power Poker Strategy at Three Card Poker here’s what you can expect 

1.      Low Volatility.  Instead of erratic wins and losses, you will experience very controllable and predictable profits. 

2.      Consistent Winnings.  My way of thinking is that if you can’t win consistently, you shouldn’t be playing.  Fortunately, winnings are very consistent using my strategy.

3.      Losses are Small and Infrequent.  The key to successful trading is to keep your losses very small and let your profits run as large as they can.  I apply the same principles here and the results are truly remarkable. 

4.      Frequent Jackpot Like Wins.  Because of the high payoffs incorporated in Three Card Poker, you will frequently get bonus wins of $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 on top of your regular winnings.

“I retired last year just in time for the stock market crash.  I am pretty good with numbers so I decided to start playing poker to try to make a little extra money.  My results were very spotty – no big losses, but not much won either.

“When you recruited me to try out your three card poker strategy I thought what the heck, I am just treading water anyway.

“After two weeks of great success playing for small wins I decided to give your strategy a real workout.  Over the past four weeks I cleared over $17,000 playing in Casino Aztar.

“I am quite pleased with this as you can imagine and not as concerned as I was with my retirement.

“Just between us, I would rather rely on myself playing poker than either Wall Street or government handouts.”

Earl W. - Evansville, Indiana


Why Playing Three Card Poker is So Profitable

Three Card Poker is really two games in one.

In the Ante/Play part of the game you will play against the dealer.

In addition, you can make a Pair Plus wager where you will be paid on any hand higher than a pair with some hands paying very high bonuses.

When both games are played at the same time, players may wager different amounts in each game.

A key aspect of Three Card Poker is that Ante/Play and Pair Plus are paid separately and win independently of each other.

For example, you can win your Ante and Play bets and lose the Pair Plus bet and still have a winning round of play.

Or, you can lose your Ante bet to the dealer’s hand and still win with your Pair Plus bet.

Once I learned this game, I realized that it had the potential to be the most profitable poker game ever offered.

Here’s why –

With Three Card Poker, certain hands are paid very high bonuses.  For instance, with Pair Plus bets you will be paid 4 to 1 for a flush, 6 to 1 for a straight, 30 to 1 for three of a kind and a whooping 40 to 1 for a straight flush.

What struck me about these payoffs is that they are there for the taking without having to deal with other players or any of the ups and downs of conventional poker.

Most poker experts who have studied this game have only developed a play versus fold strategy for Ante/Play bets and stopped there.  In other words, they were pretty clueless about how to turn this game into a very profitable game.

Using conventional poker thinking, that is as far as they could go.

But I didn’t stop there.  Using the same approaches I have successfully used, time after time to analyze complex stock trading situations and then develop simple, profitable trading rules, I tackled Three Card Poker.

The results are simply astounding . . .

Three Card Poker Becomes the Ultimate Cash Cow

Once I discovered how to use the Power Number to beat Three Card Poker, I fine-tuned the Power Poker Strategy to the point that anyone can follow it and expect to easily beat this game.

With the Ante/Play part of the game, where the player goes up against the dealer, you will learn just six rules and you will learn to be able to regularly beat the dealer.

The Power Poker Strategy for Ante/Play bets uses a unique Betting System designed to protect your bankroll at all times. 

When you are making Ante/Play bets, you can easily hit streaks of five, six or even more consecutive losing bets.  These kinds of losses would eat into most players’ bankrolls pretty quickly, especially if they increased their bets following losses.

My Power Poker Strategy can withstand long strings of Ante/Play losses and then come back and recover very quickly.

This is because it doesn’t rely on a typical betting progression.  The sizes of the bets are not fixed. 

I developed a unique way of following the flow of the game that automatically adjusts the size of your bets to minimize any losses and maximize the odds of winnings.

If you are in a losing streak, you will be making minimum wagers.   When the time is right, your wagers will automatically increase so that you will quickly recover from any lost wagers.

On the Pair Plus side of the game you can win a fortune using the Power Poker Strategy.  There are just two rules to learn.  Once you learn these simple rules, you will have the ability to win jackpot size wins of $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000 or more every few hours of play.  And, in between these jackpot wins you will steadily beat the game.

But, there’s still more.  The strategy also incorporates Four Special Money Management Rules to pull together the Ante/Play and Pair Plus sides of the strategy.  These rules greatly enhance your chances of winning while reducing your risk considerably.

And, there’s the final aspect of the winning Poker Poker Strategy applied to Three Card Poker. 

That is the amazing performance of the Power Number – the special number I will reveal to you that will turn the game of poker into your own personal ATM.

Once you add the Power Number to the other rules, you will have the ultimate poker strategy.


“I love gambling.  I admit it.  But, I also hate losing.  Like you, I only like to gamble when I have an edge.

“I was a blackjack card counter for two years and made a total of $3,520 for my efforts.  I figured out that I was earning less than $3 an hour playing blackjack.

“Next I tried poker.  At first I loved it.  Then reality set in.  I was playing very long hours with no consistency at all.

“When you invited me to try your strategy at three card poker I was ready for a change. 

“Your poker strategy is the best.  It is a very reliable profit producer.  I have set up your $10,000 a week plan and it works.  In five weeks I have cleared over $60M.”

Al M. – Ventnor City, New Jersey


How I Won $5,270 in Two Days Playing Poker

After I first discovered how to consistently win at Three Card Poker, I pretty much played online.

This is a great way to start out your play and it is very profitable.   However, after a month or so of pulling in substantial profits playing online, I was very curious about how I would do playing in Las Vegas. 

I had some business in San Francisco and I decided to add a couple of days to my trip and spend them in Las Vegas playing Three Card Poker using the Power Poker Strategy.

I have spent a lot of time in Vegas over the years and I will be quite upfront with you.  I don’t like to play on the Las Vegas Strip.  This is where the biggest hotel casinos are located, but it is also the site of crowded tables, higher minimum bets, harried dealers and a good mix of  the good, the bad and the ugly of humanity.

My personal preference is to play where the locals play.   I like to play in the Golden Nugget and Four Queens downtown, and at the Orleans, as well as in several casinos in North Las Vegas.  And, I have had very good luck playing in the Station casinos, such as the Palace Station and Red Rock Casino.

This trip I stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget and confined my play to the Nugget and to the Horseshoe Club across the street.  I am glad I played there.  Not only were the games great, with courteous dealers and friendly players, but I was very successful playing Three Card Poker using my strategy.

I decided to keep track of not only my winnings but how long each game took.  Here’s how I did – 

Games Played Using $5 for Ante Bets
Played in Las Vegas on December 11, 2008 at the 
Golden Nugget and the Horseshoe Club

Game No

Length of Game (minutes)

Amount Won or Lost


11 min



12 min



15 Min



17 Min



15 Min



20 Min



9 Min



16 Min



17 Min



12 Min



9 Min



7 Min



11 Min



13 Min



9 Min



13 Min



17 Min



21 Min



13 Min



19 Min



11 Min



19 Min



9 Min



32 Min



9 Min



356 Min
(About 6 Hours)



14.24 Minutes per Game

$210.80 won per game, $888.20 won per hour



Highlights of Games Played:

1.  Actual playing time was just six hours, spread over two days.


2. Total winnings were $5,270, or over $2,500 a day, making $5 bets!


3.  Games were keep short- the length of an average game was just over 14 minutes!


4.  My average winnings per game were $210.80.


5.  My hourly win rate works out to $888 an hour!



This series of games is very typical of what you can expect when you play Three Card Poker using the Poker Attack Strategy.

1.  I played 25 games which took just 6 hours, spread over two days.  This was an easy schedule and I could have put in a lot more playing time, but the win rate of the system is so good that I decided to take it easy and enjoy myself.

2.  I won a total of $5,270, with average winnings of over $2,500 a day.  Please note that I only played on $5 tables and kept my bets low.  I could have won a lot more making $10 or even $25 bets, but once again, I reasoned that if the win rate is so high making just $5 bets that I didn’t need to play at a higher level.

3.  My average game lasted a little over 14 minutes.  This is another feature of the Power Poker Strategy that I love and I am sure you will too.  You will never get locked into long games.  The system contains very specific rules designed to keep your games short, sweet and profitable.

4.  My average win per game was over $200.  Think about this.  Short games, high profits and low risk.  Sounds like a good combination to me.

5.  My hourly win rate was $888.20 per hour.  There is nothing to complain about here.

These games are presented exactly as they occurred.  I didn’t change a thing.  You will notice that I had a few losing games.  You will also notice that these losses were infrequent and small enough that I easily offset them with winning games.

“I am a school teacher.  Honestly, it is a struggle to make enough to take care of my wife and three kids.  I usually work on weekends and during the summer at Home Depot.

 “I reached the point where I wasn’t enjoying 80 hour workweeks and I wanted to find something more enjoyable and more profitable as well.

 “A friend of mine knew you and was able to get me on as one of your system testers for your new Power Poker Strategy.

 “I have really done well with your strategy.  I mostly play at Grand Casino Hinckley and I have been averaging about $2,500 a weekend.  After my second weekend of doing this I quit the part time job and I am seriously thinking of taking a different teaching position at a private school which pays less but would be much more enjoyable.

  “I want to thank you for taking a chance on me.  Learning your poker methods has given me a whole new direction for my life.”

Norm T. -  Hinckley, Minnesota


The Power Poker Strategy is Extraordinarily Profitable . . .

As you can see, looking at the results of six hours of play in Las Vegas,  I won over $5,000.  This works out to be almost $900 an hour.  And, I did this making $5 bets, which are within anyone’s budget.

However, the Power Poker Strategy is very flexible, uniformly profitable and will fit any level of play.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $15, $20 or $25 bettor.  Our tests are conclusive.  Whenever you play Three Card Poker using this strategy you will win consistently and predictably.

Let me share some of our results with you.  My associates and I have documented our play for 4,350 games, totaling 92,394 rounds of poker.  Everything written in this report is based on this documented evidence.


Here Are the Results of Our Play in Land-based Casinos –

1.  Making $5 bets we averaged $751.50 per hour of play.

2.  With $10 wagering, we had average wins of $1,503.04 an hour.

3.  And when we made $25 wagers, we averaged $3,740.35 an hour in pure profits!

You have to agree that these are phenomenal amounts.  Just so we are clear, these amounts consist of Net, not Gross Winnings.  Another way of saying this is that these amounts represented real winnings that we could take with us when we quit playing.

You want to keep in mind that these games played in land-based casinos were played at a rate of about 90 deals per hour.  You may not have thought about it but the speed of the game has a great deal to do with your rate of winnings.  Simply put, with a winning strategy, the more hands played per hour, the higher your winnings.

“I am not much of a gambler.  Whenever I visited a casino I only played slot machines, because I really didn’t understand the table games. 

  “I am glad that you decided to let me try out your Power Poker Strategy.  Your manual and other materials are very easy to follow.

  “I didn’t know much about poker but within two days I was playing tri-card poker online.  I followed your instructions and in my first week of real play I made over $4,000.

  “Now I have set up a playing schedule which works really well for me.  I play online 12 to 15 hours a week and I have been making $9,000 to $11,000 every week.

  "I still don’t feel like a gambler.  Using your method is more like running my own very profitable little business.”

Ron O. – Tacoma, Washington


If You Like $751 an Hour Using $5 Bets You Have to Love Winning $1,672 an Hour Making $1 Bets!

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the Power Poker Strategy is the amount of money you can make playing Three Card Poker on a computer.

Because online games are much faster than games played in land-based casinos, your hourly win rate is much higher.

We have logged many thousands of hours online and the amounts of profits you can make are simply extraordinary!   

Here are the results of our online play (documented by thousands of games played online) –

1.  Playing with $1 bets, our average net winnings were an eye-popping $1,672.91 an hour.

2.  Using $2 bets, we pulled in a really outstanding $3,270.09 an hour in pure profits.

3.  Moving up to $5 bets online, we were greatly rewarded with net profits of $8,352.80 an hour!

Let Me Tell You More About What It is Like to Use the Power Poker Strategy

If you have ever read a book about poker you may remember that so much of your success depends on judgmental factors.

With conventional poker strategies you have to worry about reading other players as well as figuring out the relative strength of your hand.

Many times you are expected to keep up a cheerful but misleading banter so that other players can’t guess what you are up to.

And, you must do all this surrounded by numerous distractions including the constant pressure of possibly losing your bankroll.

No wonder poker players receive so many points on the macho meter.

If you are most worried about appearances, then by all means stick with conventional poker.

However, once you decide that the overwhelming measure of your success lies not in appearances but in how much you actually make and take home, then you are ready to become a Power Poker Player.

Let me start by telling you that nothing is left to chance with the Power Poker Strategy.  Since you will not be playing against other players you won’t have to look for poker tells or figure out if someone is bluffing.

You will have a simple one question decision on whether to play or fold a hand.  No judgment is involved.  No guessing.  No figuring out your options.  Just pure poker science that you will master in seconds.

You won’t have to guess whether to raise a hand or how much to raise.  You will know.

You will never have to decide how much to ante for the start of a round.  The strategy will determine this for you in the way that always minimizes your risk of losing and maximizes your chance of winning.

In addition, you will have the chance to win huge jackpots very frequently.  You may have noticed that in the six hours of my play in Las Vegas, I won $2,525 in game no. 18.  This is an example of what you can expect as a jackpot bonus win every few games. 

And, when you use the Power Poker Strategy everything you do will be focused and coordinated by the incomparable Power Number. 

The strength of knowing your Power Number can not be emphasized enough.  Once you have the knowledge of your Power Number and how to use it, winning will become a snap for you.


“I just decided to become a full time poker player.  I have been using the Power Poker Strategy with great success at a local casino.

“Over seven weeks I have made almost $60,000 or over $8,500 a week playing three card poker three or four days a week. 

 “I have paid off all my credit cards and I am building up my savings.  I am not nervous, just cautious.  Thanks for your help and consideration.”

Stan S. -  St. Joseph, Missouri



You Will Love Putting the Casino In The Vise Grip of a Certain Win

The Power Poker Strategy has a feature that is not found in any other poker system.  That is the power you will have: the power to put the casino in a vise where it cannot beat you and you cannot lose.

  I know this sounds crazy, but this is just another of the benefits of putting your Power Number to work for you.

Here’s how this works –

When you play, one of your goals is to get your profits up to the level of your Power Number.  This is one of your primary goals because an amazing thing happens once your winnings reach the level of your Power Number

From this point on, you can’t lose.

I am not kidding.  Your Power Number will serve as an impenetrable level of support for you.  Once you have this support in place, your profits cannot drop below your Power Number.

  But, there is another feature that will knock your socks off! 

Using your Power Number, you will have the opportunity to make sky-high profits and go after unlimited winnings while totally eliminating any possibility at all of having a loss.

I can assure you, the casinos absolutely hate this feature because if too many players knew how to use it, the casinos would lose money so fast they would have to close their doors.  

Here is how this works –

Let’s say your winnings reach your Power Number.  From this point on, you can’t lose.  That is certain. 

Now you are in a position to really pour on the heat.  You will continue to play, secure that you can’t lose.  Now as your profits continue to build, your Power Number will also grow so that more and more of your profits are safeguarded.

The power of this approach to poker has to be experienced to be believed.  When you are on a winning streak, you can continue to pile up the profits with zero risk of losing!.

This works much like a wheel with ratchets.  Each pull of a lever moves the wheel to another ratchet which locks it in place and keeps it from slipping back.

With the Power Poker Strategy You Can Also Turn Small Losses Into Monster Wins Instantly!

Let’s say you are playing and having a tough game.  It happens sometimes.  Don’t worry.  We have built-in safeguards that will keep any losses you might experience very small, just like I do with my stock trading.

But, every hand will not be a winning hand and there are times when you will be down in the course of your play.

When this happens, you can keep playing knowing that our strong loss protection measures will completely protect you.  There is no way that you can ever have an uncomfortably large loss.

On the other hand, you are never more than one hand away from a monster win.  These wins usually come from the Pair Plus side of the game where hands can pay 30 or even 40 to 1.

Let me give you an example –

You are a $10 better and you currently are down $165.   You won’t worry because this is well within your zone of protection.

The right conditions come up.  You raise your Pair Plus bet to $300.  Don’t worry about the size of this bet.  You will only raise your bet to this level when the odds are strongly in your favor.

On the next hand you receive an 8, 9 and 10 of hearts, a straight flush, which pays a bonus of 40 to 1.  Your payoff for this Pair Plus wager is $12,000. 


This shows the awesome power you will have using this strategy –

In one hand you have picked up a win of $12,000 putting you far ahead of the game.

The situation I have just described is not at all rare when you use the Power Poker Strategy. 

In our experience, you will have huge wins like this several times a week if you play frequently!


“I lost my job a couple of months ago.  I have sent out over 115 resumes and only had one interview.  I know there are lots of people in the same boat.

“When you contacted me about joining your poker team I was intrigued, but nervous about losing any money.  My wife finally convinced me to try it   We agreed that I would risk $100 and no more and see what happened.

 “Wow.  I never expected the success I have had.  I am now up over $32,000 playing online.  My wife and I are going to Las Vegas next week and I am really looking forward to playing poker there.

“I am still sending out resumes, but to be truthful, I am not sure that I would ever accept a job if I got an offer.  I don’t think any job would come close to my poker winnings.

 “Thanks for letting me in on this.  It has been a life saver.”

Daniel R. – Kalamazoo, Michigan



The Advantages of Using the Amazing Power Poker Strategy Are Simply Overwhelming

If you want the best poker winning strategy ever developed, there is only one candidate.  And, that’s the Power Poker Strategy developed for Three Card Poker!


Here is just a little of what you can expect when you use this strategy –

  • Explosive Profits with Little Downside Risk.  When you combine our specific playing rules with your Power Number, the result is nothing short of amazing.  You will make profits that will be the envy of every other poker player.  And, you do it with little downside risk!

  • Your Winnings Will Be Very Consistent.  There are many strategies that win occasionally.  That’s what you usually hear about when someone talks about their system – the occasional win.  What they don’t reveal are all of the ups and down.  The Power Poker Strategy is vastly superior to any of these erratic and unpredictable systems.  In fact, the cornerstone of this strategy is consistent, predictable profits you can count on.

But, there is another side of the Power Poker Strategy besides its great reliability and predictable profit stream.  And, that’s the fact that -

When you use this strategy you will win large jackpots on top of the steady reliable profits!

Compare this feature with other games offering high payoffs –

  • Winning a jackpot on a slot machine is 100% luck.  And, when you play for jackpots you are going to lose just about every time you play.

  • Going for royal flushes at video poker is not much better.  While video poker is a better game than ordinary slots, it can still take from 20,000 to 60,000 hands to hit a royal flush jackpot.  Not only are these jackpots elusive, but you will have to have a huge bankroll to survive between jackpots.

  • Keno and lotteries offer high jackpots.  But, your odds of winning are so bad that they are laughable.

If you are a serious player who needs a reliable way to pull in regular profits and then win large jackpots on top of your regular profits there is only one proven way to do this –

And, that is to use the Power Poker Strategy to play and win at Three Card Poker!

“Greetings from the ‘land of enchantment.’  Believe it or not we have casinos near Santa Fe.  I play at two casinos located about thirty minutes away and I have been cleaning up with your poker system.

“There is no doubt that using your strategy and playing three card poker is the most profitable casino system – ever.

“I speak from experience.  I have played craps, blackjack, Let it Ride and Texas Hold’em at least semi-professionally.  I have never won as consistently as I have been winning with the Power Poker Strategy.

“My daily average win is now over $5,300 a day, and this is making $10 bets.  I plan on moving up to $25 bets soon.”

“I will keep you posted on my results.”

Carlos S. - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Winning is Totally Automatic With the Amazing Automatic Bet Selector!

Have you ever ordered a product expecting something simple and easy-to-use and then got something with a manual hundreds of pages long with dozens of complicated rules you were expected to memorize?

I recently ordered a new cell phone that came with a 239-page manual.  There are probably some people that enjoy reading this kind of stuff, but not me.  My expectations with this cell phone are pretty basic –

I expect to be able to pick it up and start using it without having to read much of anything!

  That’s why I created the amazing Automatic Bet Selector!

You don’t have to remember more than a few simple rules to use the Automatic Bet Selector to consistently beat Three Card Poker.

You will need to set up your level of play.  If you are a $1 bettor, you will set the Automatic Bet Selector for this level.   If you are a $5 bettor, you set the Selector for this level of play.

And, you will set up your Power Number. 

There is nothing to compute or calculate to get started.  I will give you all of this information in a straight-forward, easy-to-use format.


Here’s what the Automatic Bet Selector will do for you –

1.  It will compute the bet size for each Ante/Play bet. There is never any guesswork.

2.  It will signal you when you will begin making Pair Plus bets.  With Pair Plus bets timing is critical and you will know exactly when to make these highly profitable bets with the Automatic Bet Selector.

3.  It will give you the size of each Pair Plus bet.  All you have to do is make the wager determined for you.

4.  It will keep a running sum of your profits.  You will always know exactly where you stand. 

5.      It will signal you when your profits have reached your Power Number level.  

6.      It will call a game completed and help you lock up a win.  

7.  It will enable you to continue to play with zero risk of giving up your profits, but with the ability to continue to pull in higher and higher winnings.  This one feature alone is the one the casino bosses hate the most.  With it, you will pull in huge winnings!

With the Automatic Bet Selector, it is very easy to use the Power Poker Strategy to win a bundle of money day after day as long as you choose!

Even if you don’t know a thing about playing poker, when you use the Automatic Bet Selector you will be able to apply this strategy flawlessly and instantly start bringing in large and very consistent profits from Three Card Poker!

“I am retired.  My retirement accounts fell 34% last year.  I have been very concerned and have even thought about going back to work. 

 “I have been using your Power Poker Strategy for three weeks.  It is something really extraordinary.

 “So far I have made $12,000, but I know I can make much more.

 “I think you may have solved my problem.  This has got to be the greatest part-time job in the world. 

 “Thanks for your help and confidence in me.”

Jeff O. - Glendale, Arizona


Here’s Some of What You Can Expect When You Turn the Power Poker Strategy Loose on Three Card Poker –

I hope you are ready to make some changes in your life.  If you are a frustrated poker player, don’t give up.  Help is on the way!

If you have been seeking a perfected way to make money easily and reliably, you need look no further.

Here is some of what you can expect once you put the Power Poker Strategy to work for you –

  • You will have the ultimate gambling vacation system.   If you would like to be able to gamble in a casino anytime you like, knowing that you will win, then this is the strategy for you.

  • You will become a very consistent poker winner.  Our extensive testing proves that the Power Poker Strategy is a very reliable winner.  If you are seeking “bragging rights,” you will get them with this strategy.  There is no other strategy, poker or otherwise, that throws off profits as well as this one!

  • You will be able to play at a level that is comfortable for you.   This strategy works well for all levels of play, from $1 to $25 bettors. 

  • You won’t need much money to get started.  I recommend that you use $100 as your “seed capital.”  That is all you really need to set up an income that will bring you several thousand dollars every day!

  • You will get a bonus book revealing how to quickly set up a “$1,000 a Day Profit Plan.”  You will love this because it is so practical and realistic.  Just follow our instructions and you, too, will have your own $1,000 a day business. 

  • You will get complete facts on how to use this strategy to beat both land-based and online casinos.  I don’t hold anything back.  You’ll get the same insider secrets my associates and I have used to make millions of dollars in profits using the same system I will send you!

  • You will get your Power Number that will supercharge your profits and protect you from losses!

  • You will discover how to pull in monster profits without risking any of your winnings.  This information alone will be worth thousands of dollars in extra profits to you!

  • You will get information on how to use this strategy to set up your own ultra-high profit business as a poker pro.

  • And, you will get the Automatic Bet Selector that makes playing and winning very easy and extraordinarily profitable!


“I like to play at the Majestic Pines Casino.  Not the biggest, but my favorite casino.  Since I got your system I have switched from blackjack to playing three card poker and I am delighted with my wins.

“I just computed my average winnings and determined that I have been making $587 an hour playing.

“Thought you would appreciate the great news.” 

Raol S. - Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Let’s Compare Becoming a Highly Paid Poker Player Using the Power Poker Strategy With Some of Your Other Options . . . 

You have lots of options to consider if you want to earn a very high income –

You can go back to school and spend several more years of your life learning a new trade or profession.

You can continue to search online for the perfect new business or profit opportunity.

You can take up poker playing and hope that you are one of the few who actually makes good money in this highly competitive and often treacherous game.

You can bookmark this page with the best of intentions of coming back to it and then forget about it.

Or, you may be thinking that the Power Poker Strategy sounds good, but doubt that it would work for you.

Or, you may be afraid of trying this and failing.

I want to reassure you.  You aren’t the only one to have these doubts and questions.  Fear of change or of trying something new is natural.

If you are still undecided about whether to join my small, but growing, group of players cashing in on poker, I suggest you read some of their stories posted on this website.  These people are much like you and they are profiting greatly from this revolutionary new way to beat the poker game!


“I didn’t’ know much about poker before I got your course.  You have very good instructions on how to play and how to use your strategy.

 “I am really impressed with the Power Number system.  It works very well.

 “I have been playing tri-card poker online and winning very consistently. 

 “I am very impressed with your course and your organization. You stand behind your products 100%.”

Fred R. –Madison, Wisconsin



Let me give you more food for thought.  Before you pass up what may be your very best chance to become a highly paid poker professional, I want to share a few more of the advantages this choice offers you –

  • It is very easy to learn and use.  It is much less complicated than learning strategies for conventional poker or setting up a new business.

  • You can get started with almost no money invested – I’ll show you my “$100 Plan.”  Using this method you will turn $100 into a powerful $1,000 a day profit stream!

  • It is the easiest “business” ever created.  You won’t have to deal with customers, employees, running an office, purchasing, storing, insuring and protecting your inventory, obtaining bank financing or dealing with never ending government regulations and intrusions into your life. 

  • You won’t have any overhead, costs, expenses or other drags on your profits.  As a poker operator you will have unlimited profits that are yours to spend as you choose!

  • You won’t have to sell anything to anybody.

  • You won’t have to tell anyone about what you do to bring in so much money.

  • You will be able to immediately improve your lifestyle by taking control over where and when you decide to “work.”

  • You can run your business as a poker pro from anywhere.  If you want the perfect home-based business – this is it!

  • You won’t have to work very long to make a very high income.  Many of my students work no more than 10 to 12 hours a week and easily make $250,000 a year in profits!

  • There are no hidden hurdles to qualify you to become a highly paid poker pro.  You won’t need to take any other courses, buy any other materials, borrow any money, acquire any licenses or even quit your job to get started.

  • It is the perfect profession for anyone who wants to control his own destiny, have a flexible work schedule and pull in sky-high profits very consistently!

This is undoubtedly the single best money-making opportunity available.  What’s more, anyone who can read this report can become a poker millionaire using the Power Poker Strategy.  Your age or education level are not important.  The amount of money you have is unimportant. 

 Whether you are 18 years old, looking to make a fortune before you hit 20, or are retired and looking for the most exciting and profitable money-maker ever, using this strategy will be the best choice for you!


“I am delighted with the Power Poker Strategy.

“The Power Number concept is pure genius and the Automatic Bet Selector makes it very easy to win.

“You have a knock-out system here that beats every other poker or gambling strategy out there.

“My congrats to you. 

“One final thing I thought you would like to know.  My profits just soared past $100,000.  Thanks again.”

Nelson J. – San Francisco


There’s One More Thing I Want You to Consider.  When You Use the Power Poker Strategy, Your Risk of Failure Will Be Close to Zero!

One of the obstacles to trying to win consistently at conventional poker is how high the barriers to success are set.

 The same can be said about winning at gambling, trading stocks or running a successful business.

The risk of failure in any of these endeavors is very high.

Watching a poker tournament and second-guessing the players is a lot different than actually becoming a poker champion.

Becoming a professional gambler of any stripe is very difficult.  Even if you are successful, the hours are brutal and the level of stress is very high.  Most professional gamblers admit that gambling for a living is one of the toughest jobs you can ever have.  They never get paid vacations or sick leave and no one ever contributes to their 401(k)s.

Trading for a living is another area that sounds easy, but is not.  No matter how many books you read or systems you buy, it is very difficult to make money as a trader.

What about starting and running your own business?  The barriers have never been higher.  Even if you can somehow get it off the ground and running, the odds are against you.  The US Small Business Administration says that over 90% of new businesses fail within five years.  And, that is in normal economic times.  Right now it is much harder to launch a successful business!

Now, take another look at using the tested and proven Power Poker Strategy

  • The players using this strategy have close to a zero failure rate.

  • This strategy is so sound and solid that it is almost impossible to fail to make big profits when you use it!


I Have a Complete Power Poker Strategy Course (which includes the Automatic Bet Selector) and Some Really Great Bonuses Waiting for You!

I want you to consider a really important fact –

When you play Three Card Poker, using the rock-solid Power Poker Strategy, you will always play at an advantage over the game.  You can’t say this for conventional poker.

You certainly can’t say this for roulette or craps or even blackjack. 

You won’t have a positive, measurable advantage in just about any endeavor you can think of.

Certainly not starting a business. 

In putting together this complete course, nothing is held back.  You will learn every rule, every trick, every special move and expert technique that my players and I use to consistently win.  These are based on thousands of hours of play in real poker games and are 100% documented and proven to work. 

Here’s some of what you will get when you instantly download your Power Poker Strategy course –

  • You’ll get a complete step-by-step guide revealing exactly how you, too, can consistently beat Three Card Poker!

  • You’ll get a plan showing you how to turn $100 into a $1,000 a day profit producer.

  • You’ll learn how to set up your new profession as a poker pro for just $100 Seed Capital.

  • You’ll discover how you can easily make $5,000 or more in two days play in a land-based casino!

  • You’ll get complete information on how, as a $1 bettor, you can easily make $1,682 an hour sitting in front of your home computer!

  • You’ll discover how to make $210 every ten minutes playing poker in your favorite casino!

  • You’ll get complete examples of how to use the strategy to make $1,000, $2,000, or even $5,000 every day!

  • You’ll learn why the smart poker players are using the Power Poker Strategy and why Three Card Poker is the most profitable poker game today!

  • You’ll get a foolproof way to learn this strategy, quit work and make at least $1,000 every day, playing less then two hours a day!

  • You’ll learn how to use the Power Number to win game after game, regardless of what hands you are dealt!

  • You’ll discover the awesome power of going on a “profit tear” and pulling thousands of extra profits out of the casino, which is helpless to stop you.

  • You’ll learn how to extend winning streaks and by using your Power Number, play without ever risking any of your rapidly growing profits!

  • You’ll get complete instructions on how to play Three Card Poker (called Tri-Card Poker in the online casinos).  Master this game in less than thirty minutes and then set up a lifetime income from it!

  • You’ll get my simple, but very powerful, playing rules – rules that you will use to milk thousands of dollars out of this game with ease!

  • You’ll get the amazing Automatic Bet Selector, which makes this strategy the easiest one in the world to use, since every bet is automatic!

  • You’ll learn how to pick up $2,500 to $5,000 jackpot wins every few hours.  And, this will be in addition to your regular high hourly winnings!

  • You’ll learn how to turn a losing game into one of your most profitable ones, using the power of Pair Plus betting.

  • You’ll get our one-decision strategy that will tell you whether to play or fold a hand.

  • You’ll be in the action nearly every hand as there is no need to sit out any hands.

  • You’ll get everything you need in this complete Winner’s Kit to turn the game of Three Card Poker into the most dependable profit producer ever created!

  • You’ll be able to download everything you need in the next five minutes.

  • You’ll be able to evaluate this course with absolutely no risk to you with my “No-Nonsense 100% Guarantee!”

  • You’ll even get my $25,000 Performance Guarantee – the strongest backing ever offered for any poker, gambling or business system!

“I am making a fortune using the Power Poker Strategy.

“I just hit another jackpot and pulled in over $14,000 in an hour.

“This system is way better than any other poker system. 

“It is easy to learn, easy to use and very profitable.”

Ira L. – Corinth, Mississippi


If You Are Nervous About Playing Poker, Don’t Be.  I’ve Got You Covered!

When I decided to share the Power Poker Strategy with a few friends, I quickly discovered that several of them were afraid of playing poker in a casino.  They may have thought that my strategy was too difficult to learn, or were concerned about looking like beginners, making foolish, embarrassing mistakes.

If this fits you, then you should think of it as a natural fear that many other people have.   It is sort of like stage fright.

Let me tell you how easy it really is to become a “$1,000 a Day” poker winner –

Unlike conventional poker, you won’t ever be “on stage” playing against a group of strangers.  The game is strictly between you and the dealer.  You and any fellow players can even root for each other if you like.

Second, you won’t have to worry that you might make a playing mistake that will be criticized by other players.   Unlike blackjack, where your stand or draw decisions can affect other players, in this game it is strictly you and the dealer – no one else is affected!

In addition, you don’t ever have to play this game in a land-based casino.  While I enjoy going to casinos, you may not, or it may not be convenient for you.  Relax, you never have to leave home to make a fortune using the Power Poker Strategy.  There are hundreds of reputable online casinos offering Three Card Poker.  I will give you complete information on the best of these casinos.

You don’t have to risk a cent to become a very proficient winner.  You can play online for free as long as you like.  Only when you are 100% satisfied that you are ready to play should you risk a single penny playing Three Card Poker.

What’s more, you won’t need much money to get established as a winning poker pro.  This course contains a complete plan showing you how you can turn $100 into a $1,000 a Day lifetime income.

The course I have waiting for you is 100% complete.   The strategy is totally proven to work.  There are numerous examples of actual games showing you exactly how the strategy works. 

And, this strategy is very easy to learn.  It you are an experienced poker player, you can use our Quick Start Guide and go to the core of the strategy.

Don’t worry if you are a novice.  This course is set up for beginners as well as experienced poker players.  However, I don’t assume that you know anything about poker or playing in a casino.  I will take you on a step-by-step journey where you will arrive as a full-fledged and deadly winning poker professional!

 Simply put, there is no better way to make money safely and quickly than to apply the Power Poker Strategy and become a winning poker pro! 

This course is really like a “business in a box.”  It contains absolutely everything you will need to quickly become a highly paid poker pro and start winning at least $1,000 a day (or a whole lot more if you choose).


The Advantages of Becoming a Poker Pro Using this Strategy are Really Remarkable – 

  • You can get started for almost no investment.   I recommend $100 as your “seed capital.”  This is all you need to quickly set up $1,000 a day in winnings.

  • The Power Poker Strategy is very easy to learn and use.

  • Three Card Poker (Tri-Card Poker online) is the perfect poker game to play if you want to win a fortune.  You will discover why in this highly revealing course.

  • This course is set up so that anyone can easily follow it.  If you are an experienced poker player, you can use the Quick Start Guide and quickly zero in on the key points of the strategy.  However, the course is set up for beginners too.  Even if you don’t know a straight from a flush you will easily learn this profitable strategy!

  • The manual is filled with lots of examples of real games.  You’ll see exactly how the strategy has performed in actual poker games.

  • You’ll get your own Power Number.  This number is critical to your success.  With it you will be able to back the casino right up against the wall and pull out profits most people can only dream of.

  • You’ll get the Automatic Bet Selector.  All you have to do to start playing and winning is set up the Selector for your level of play and enter your Power Number.

  • You’ll get complete information on how to beat the online casinos. 

  • You’ll get our insider picks of the best online casinos.

  • You’ll get exclusive insider information that you can’t find anywhere else.

This course is focused on giving you everything you need to become a huge success as a poker pro.

There is really no downside to trying the Power Poker Strategy. 


How Much Is It Worth to You to Be Able to Make $1,000 a Day or More for the Rest of Your Life?

If you start out on your own to become a winning poker player, you can easily invest $50,000 paying your dues. Even then you may not be a winner, just someone who has spent a lot of time getting beaten up by poker.

Good gambling systems sell for $1,000 or more.

Trading systems usually start at $2,000 to $3,000 and go up from there.  I have paid as much as $5,000 for trading systems that aren’t nearly as profitable as the Power Poker Strategy!

You can attend two-day blackjack seminars costing $2,000 or more and you will still have to practice for months and hope that you will be able to win.

Having experienced the consistent high-winnings of the Power Poker Strategy, I can tell you that it is worth much more than any of these other money-making opportunities.

In fact, it is worth more than most franchises, because you won’t have to invest more money to start making money, or work 80 hour weeks to keep your business afloat.

With the Power Poker Strategy Course you will get everything you need to start profiting immediately!   It is like getting a complete business set up for you, without the hassles, costs, employees, government regulations and cash flow problems you would get with any other business.

Here is the best part.  Even if you don’t know anything about poker, I know from experience that you can start making $1,000 a day as soon as tomorrow morning.

I can say this and know that it is true because people just like you have done this.  All you have to do is follow in their footsteps!

Now, back to the cost of this course . . .

I think we have established that this is very valuable information.  There is no question that this information is worth thousands of dollars. 

I could easily charge $5,000 for it and it would be worth every cent.  If you decided to develop this information on your own it is very unlikely that you could ever do it.  Even if you could, why would you want to spend the next year playing poker and hoping that you could develop a system as solid as this one?

If I charged you $5,000 for this course, this would be a fair price as you could easily recoup this cost in five days of play. 

However, if I charged $5,000 for this course, there would be few who would pay my price.

With hundreds of casinos in the US and Canada, hundreds more in Europe, Africa, Latin and South America and in Australia as well, there is not much chance that I will spoil a good thing by letting a few more players in on this winning strategy.

What’s more, there are also hundreds of online casinos offering Tri Card Poker (same game, different name). 

In short, there is no reason for me to restrict this information to just a handful of people paying $5,000 each for this course.


The Standard Price for the complete Power Poker Strategy Course is just $399.97.  Considering that you will get a Complete “Business in a Box,” set up and ready for you to start making high profits immediately, this is a really outstanding deal!

However, I am going to make you an even better offer as a client of Silverthorne Publications.  If you reached this report, it was because of a Special Invitation we sent to selected clients of Silverthorne Publications.  Now, you will discover why this invitation is so special . . .

 As a personally selected VIP, you have the chance to become one of my Select Group of Insiders.

As a member of this group you will not only get the complete Power Poker Strategy Course, including the Automatic Bet Selector, but you will get a set of bonuses proven to quickly get you set up as a $1,000 a Day Winner.    In addition, if you order by you will get everything, including my exclusive $25,000 Certificate of Satisfaction, for the rock bottom price of just $99.97!

When you consider that you can earn the cost of this course in less then ten minutes of play, you can appreciate how extraordinary this offer is. 

 But you must act now!  This offer is limited.  We will only release 500 courses under this special offer.  We will close this offer the instant we reach our limit.  If your order is received too late, we will have to put you on a waiting list to be contacted at some future date if we ever decide to release any more courses.



There’s still more.  If you order right now, you’ll get a set of bonuses that will help you quickly start making $1,000 a day or more.  Here’s what you’ll get –

Bonus #1 – Make $25,000 a Week Playing Three Card Poker (a $40 Value)

This manual gives you a complete plan to use the Power Poker Strategy to make $25,000 every week.

Nothing is left out.  You will know the exact insider moves that we have used to quickly and easily set up a foolproof way to make $25,000 every week.

If you want to quickly make $25,000 every week, this complete plan will get you there.


Bonus #2 – Power Poker’s Best Online Casinos (a $40 Value)

We compared notes on the online casinos where we have had the best results.  We took a look at every aspect of the casinos, from how easy they were to contact, their bonuses and how easy it was to make deposits and withdraw winnings. 

Then we put together a list of the very best online casinos offering Tri-Card Poker (the online version of three card poker). 

This list is our hand-picked group of stars.  And, every one of them accepts US players!

If you want to get off to a very fast start playing and winning online, these are the online casinos where you must play!


Bonus #3 – The Power Poker Guide to Casinos in the US and Canada (a $40 Value)

You’ll get the names of the very best US land-based casinos for three card poker play. Our select picks include casinos in –

·         Atlantic City

·         Chicago

·         Detroit

·         The Gulf Coast

·         Iowa

·         Lake Tahoe

·         Downtown Las Vegas

·         Locals’ Casinos in Las Vegas

·         Las Vegas Strip Casinos

·         Laughlin

·         Missouri

·         Native American casinos in the Midwest

·         Native American casinos in the Northeast

·         Native American casinos in the South and West

·         New Orleans

·         Reno

·         Shreveport-Bossier City

·         Indiana

·         Tunica and Vicksburg.

Plus, you’ll find out the best cruise lines for three card poker games and our pick of the best Caribbean casinos

If you want to play and prosper at three card poker in a land-based casino, this is the number one guide showing exactly where you must play!


Bonus #4 – Power Poker’s Number One Online Casino (a $40 Value)

This casino will become your number one choice of where to play and win at tri-card poker. Here’s just some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

  • This casino offers the best online odds for tri-card poker and is backed by one of the best online software companies. You won’t find any online tri-card poker games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

  • This casino offers no-hassle practice games. You don’t have to register or download anything, just click on your browser and start playing. And, you can always practice more, with no money risked, even after you start playing for real!

  • This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly. And, here is a critical point – they don’t out-source their support. Here, the in-house staff is knowledgeable and understands gambling and tri-card poker. I know you will appreciate the difference.

  • This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them. If you live in the US and are frustrated by restrictions on US customers – try this one – I know you will like it!

  • You’ll get a 10% signup bonus when you decide to play here. And, there is no limit to the size of the bonus. If you want to deposit $10,000, you’ll get a $1,000 bonus. And, when you play tri-card poker using the formidable Power Poker Strategy, all of your play counts towards you earning your bonus. This is a straight-forward and out-and-out great bonus program!

  • The casino is full service. It offers the best of casino games and of course, superior tri-card poker. But, it also has a widely respected sportsbook. And, if you like poker, you will love their online poker rooms. What’s more, one deposit and one account is all you need to participate in all of these activities.

  • You can pick up $500 Free at this casino. I thought I would save the best for last. What a great way to get started as a poker entrepreneur. Just sign on here, win a bundle using the Power Poker Strategy and pick up an extra $500 for your trouble. We’ll show you how!


Bonus #5 – How to Build a $250,000 Bankroll Using the Power Poker Strategy (A $40 Value)

This extraordinary manual reveals the complete plan to build a monster $250,000 bankroll starting with as little as $100.

You will get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build this bankroll in either land-based or online play.

  • You’ll get a plan to go from $100 to $250,000 in just 32 hours of play in online casinos.  Every step is detailed.  All you have to do is follow the plan!

  • You’ll also get a complete plan on how to grow $500 into a $250,000 bankroll playing in land-based casinos in just 38 ½ hours. 

If you would like to move up to the big leagues quickly and safely, this manual reveals how we and other insiders have accomplished it. 


Bonus #6 – The Automatic Bet Selector (a $200 Value)

Using the Power Poker Strategy to win a fortune is virtually automatic when you use the copyrighted Automatic Bet Selector.

All you have to do to get started is set up the Bet Selector for your specific information, like your level of play and your Power Number.

Once you do, the Automatic Bet Selector will show you every wager and even signal you when it is time to lock up your profits and quit playing.

Plus, using the Power Number to go on an unstoppable winning spree is super easy when you use the Automatic Bet Selector.

The Automatic Bet Selector comes with complete instructions and examples on how to use it.  It is so easy to learn and use that you will be playing and winning at three card poker by tomorrow morning!





This program comes with my complete "No Questions Asked" One Year Guarantee. Instead of your typical 30-day money back guarantee, you have up to a year to use this powerhouse package any way you want

  • You can play poker from home and instantly set up $1,000 a day in reliable profits.

  • You can play poker in any land-based casino and simply blow the game away.

  • You can vacation in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or take a cruise and pay for everything out of your poker winnings.

Feel free to use this strategy any way you like for a FULL YEAR.

Now comes the truly amazing part of this No Nonsense Guarantee –

If you don’t win at least $25,000 using the Power Poker Strategy, just email me and I’ll send you a complete refund of your purchase price. I will stand behind this no matter how much you make off of the strategy.


If you only make $24,990, please ask me for a refund. But, I’ll go one step further –

If you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least ten times your money’s worth with this amazing rock-solid profit producer, just ask me for a refund.

I can make this strong guarantee because –

I know that if you only give this moneymaker a chance, you will be delighted with the results.

So that’s the deal. Just give the incredible Power Poker Strategy a chance to show you just how much money you can make.

If you don’t make at least $25,000 or are unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know and I will make sure that you get a prompt and courteous refund!



You Can Get Started Making Money Instantly With the Power Poker Strategy.  Here’s How –


  • You can download the complete course, including the Automatic Bet Selector in the next five minutes.  Once you do this, you can be making money in less than an hour!

  • After downloading the course, turn to the Quick Start Guide in the manual. This guide will get you up and running very quickly.

  • After reviewing the strategy decide on your level of play.  If you are starting online I suggest using $1 as your Ante bet.

  • Set up the Automatic Bet Selector for $1 Play.  This is easy to do as I give you lots of examples.

  • Now, take a look at the bonus report Power Poker’s Number One Online Casino.  Log on to this very special casino and play your first practice game of Three Card Poker using the Power Poker Strategy.  You’ll be able to get started in about a minute because there is no download required to play.

  • Play four or five practice games.  The Automatic Bet Selector will guide you through every game.  Be sure to write down the amount you win each game.  Are you seeing a pattern of winning games here?

  • When you are ready sign up for real play.  Players from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Germany are welcome here.  You will get a nice cash bonus for signing up.

  • Now, start pulling in the money.  You will see just how easy it is to make $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or even more every day!


If You Follow My Proven Plan, You Will Be Making $1,000 a Day Your First Day of Play!

All you have to do to set up your new business is follow the steps above.  However, to make it even easier, I am including our Exclusive Plan – How to Turn $100 Into a $1,000 a Day Income .  This plan reveals the exact steps you will take to quickly and safely start making at least $1,000 every day!


Once you follow this plan, you will have the perfect business with no employees, no overhead and no hassles.


If you like, you can run it from your home as the perfect home-based business.


Or, if you are more like me, you will enjoy playing in casinos wherever you like.


I happen to prefer playing in Las Vegas.


However, your choices are almost endless since Three Card Poker is one of the hottest new games around and is appearing everywhere.


Using the Power Poker Strategy to become a high-paid poker pro is really the fastest, safest and easiest way ever created to make $250,000 or more a year working no more than ten hours a week!




It’s a Fact, as a Poker Pro You Will Be Able to Choose Your Own Lifestyle


One of the best things about becoming a poker pro using the Power Poker Strategy is the tremendous freedom it will give you.


If you want to play, you can.


And, if you have something you had rather do, then by all means, do it!


With casinos operating around the clock, you can play when you want to.


And, you won’t have to play very long to pick up a good win.  Since the Power Poker Strategy is designed to pick up “Quick Wins,” you can easily play as little as 10 or 15 minutes and pick up another win.


I like to play online an hour or so in the morning and then another hour at night, when I feel like it.  But, this is just my schedule.


When you play online it doesn’t matter when you play as the online casinos are there 24/7.


When you play in land-based casinos you will still have the same flexibility.  I am fortunate that I live within ten minutes of a casino.  I like to play a couple of times a week.


If you have been keeping track of my hours, you can see that I don’t work very hard.  I typically play between ten and fifteen hours a week.


But, I don’t really need to play any longer than this.  Here’s why –


While you can start out making lower bets and easily pull in $1,000 a day, there is no reason you have to stay at that level.


When I play online I use $2 bets.  This may not sound like a lot, but playing at this level is enough to make me almost $700 an hour!


When I play in land-based casinos, $10 is my preferred minimum bet.  At this level, I average about $1,500 an hour!


Now, you can see why I am almost lackadaisical about my playing.  The truth is –


I can make as much money as I would ever need playing 10 to 15 hours a week!

Most of my days are free unless I decide to visit a casino.

My afternoons and evenings are mine to do as I please

If I need a little extra money, I might spend an extra hour playing at the local casino. 

The main point here is that I have a lot of freedom to do what I want.

I am sure that you will enjoy this freedom just as much as I do.

And, the beauty in using this proven system is that you don’t have to risk much to find out if it is right for you.

Just download the course and try it on a “No-Risk” basis.  If you don’t like it, just email me and you’ll get my prompt and courteous refund.

But, I am willing to bet that you will love the freedom to choose your own lifestyle as much as I do.  And, isn’t this what life is really all about? 

I look forward to welcoming you as my newest poker pro.  Once you try it you’ll never look back!

Warmest regards,

Greg Fletcher


P.S.  I am convinced that there is no better way to make money than using the Power Poker Strategy and becoming a highly-paid poker pro.  This is simply the best profit making strategy available.  But, you must act quickly.  If you act before you’ll get the complete Power Poker Strategy course, the Automatic Bet Selector and all of the bonuses at the Special Price for Silverthorne Publications clients of just $99.97!

P.P.S.  Who cares what the stock market or housing markets are doing?  Who needs some expensive overrated franchise?  Why bother working 80 hours a week?  The safest and best way to make money is to play poker using the
Power Poker Strategy. 

If you are not currently making $1,000 or more every day on your own terms with lots of free time to do what you want, then you need to try my approach.

With my complete guidance you don’t need any experience or knowledge of poker or gambling to make a fortune with this strategy.  I will take you on a step-by-step adventure where you will end up making $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000 a day or more in the most pleasant way ever created!


P.P.P.S  Once you grab your copy of the Power Poker Strategy you will make higher profits with lower risk than any other opportunity you could pursue.

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